Another round of print inspiration, with some gorgeous poster designs that will inspire you to create better work.

Night of Worship

A poster created for an event at a Christian International Church. Big, oversized, type works very well here. A design by Aster Bagtas.


No Norm Vernissage

An event to display the Bachelor students work had to have a gorgeous poster. That’s just what Yevgeniy Yagolnik created.


Into the Green

Sputnik, a music event that goes open air, get a poster that reflects getting closer to nature. Beautiful work by Anton Burmistrov from Tallin, Estonia.


Join the Hawks

A well-designed poster for recruitment purpose. Gorgeous work by Lampson Yip.


Jazzed & Confused

Another gorgeous poster by Anton Burmistrov for Sputnik, the same music event.


Shop the Hill

Shopping local is better and you should know it, so Maddy Porter created this cool typographic poster.


Italian Genius Now

A gorgeous and bright poster that glorifies the beauty of Italian design.


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