Street art can be amazing and make people’s day, but only for pieces that truly stand out. Unfortunatly, these a spread out around the world, so the only way to see several is to get it together on the internet. Enjoy!


Who is pulling the strings of the break dance puppets? A gorgeous, gigantic piece by Rogue One.


Street Museum

A street art project that gained a lot of exposure recently, you can learn more about it on their website.


Urban jewels

Polish artist NeSpoon creates beautiful pieces that she calls urban jewels. You have to admit that these shine in the streets.



Gigantic portrait

Hendrik Beikirch, a German street artist that goes by the nickname ECB, creates stunning gigantic portraits on the walls of city. Truly impressive.


Mural in Ledbury

A gorgeous, anonymous mural in Ledbury rd in London. I love the more illustrative nature of this work.


Pink rain

Beautiful mural by Zed1, an Italian street artist.


Dragon slayer

A beautiful piece of chalk art, made even cooler by the little human intervention.


Trapped people

Dan Witz’s street art pieces of trapped people are truly scary and make you think about urban life.



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