You can find creativity anywhere, even in these small tear-off ads that you’ve seen so often.

1. Ballet Classes

A cute way to display the stickers to tear off, make it look like a ballerina’s dress.

2. Children hairdresser

A bit of humour there, with these way too long hair that you’ll contribute to cut by taking the phone number.

3. Fitness trainer

If only losing weight was that easy. This tear-off business card is just the perfect way to show you what the trainer will try to help you achieve.

4. Another weight loss one

With a better cut-out, this ad expresses the same idea as the one above.

5. Piano keys

Want to learn to play piano, start by taking one key.

6. Dental checkup

Although clever, this tear-off ad for dental practitioners in Ireland is somewhat scary.

7. Strength coach needed

Can you tear of a phone book, no? Then you’ll need a strength coach!

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