Textures are a great way to add some depth to your designs, it can also make the designs much more realistic, if that’s what you are trying to achieve. For a vintage look-and-feel, the Photoshop textures in this post will do a great job.

1. Vintage Pattern Textures LARGE

This vintage texture is designed by glass-prism which is available here.

Vintage Pattern Textures LARGE

2. Old Paper Textures II

This is an old paper textures made from Coffee paper which is available here.

Old Paper Textures II

3. Vintage V Texture Pack

Vintage V texture packs were made by cloaks which are available here.

Vintage V Texture Pack

4. Vintage Khaki

This vintage khaki texture is a handmade texture which is available for use in your artworks. You can get it here.

Vintage Khaki

5. Remembering Daisy

Get this beautiful vintage daisy texture here.

Remembering Daisy

6. Memories textures

Designed by AF-studios, these textures are available here.

Memories textures

7. Victorian grunge texture pack

Another great vintage texture design by AF-studios which is available here.

Victorian grunge texture pack

8. Vintage grunge textures

These vintage grunge textures were designed by Princess-of-Shadows which are available here.

vintage grunge textures

9. Vintage IV Texture Pack

Another classy vintage IV texture pack by cloaks which is available here.

Vintage IV Texture Pack

10. Vintage sepia postcard

Get this vintage sepia postcard here.

vintage sepia postcard

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