Are you looking to get some recognition for all your hard work as a designer or as a design studio? The A’Design award & competition was made for people like you.

Exposure online and offline, networking with designers, useful press kits,… these are only a few of the benefits for the winners of awards.

To inspire you to take action, just check out some of the winners of last year’s awards.

Toy, games, and hobby products


Tumbler contentment by Sha Yang.


Triqo by Fokko Krooneman.

Vehicle, mobility and transportation design


Icon E-Flyer by Jonathan Ward.


Romotow by W2 Ltd.

Photography and photo manipulation


Haezer by Chris Slabber.

Arts, crafts and ready-Made design


Pattern of Tree by Hiroyuki Morita.


Arabic Calligraphy by Salman Amur Alhajri.

There are a total of 100 categories, so you’ll find a category for your designs for sure.

10 benefits of winning an award

If your work is worthy of an award, there are great benefits for you business in being awarded. First, you’ll get to take part in an internationally recognized exhibition and be included in the yearbook that goes with it. You’ll benefit from the PR and publicity efforts of the awards, as well as the world design rankings inclusion. But the best may very well be the gala-night, an amazing networking event.

That’s not all though, winners will also receive a winner kit, get competitor certificates and the jury’s feedback notes. As if this wasn’t enough, your products will get a scoresheet and be listed on sale.


Deadline for regular submissions is February 28, 2016. Results will be announced to public on April 15, 2016. On Designer Daily, we will keep a close eye on this competition and we’ll make that selected winners are published on the blog in April 2016.

So stop waiting, register for the 2016 edition of the A’Design awards and take your chance at bigger exposure for your work.

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