Nowadays, you have to put tremendous effort into feeling absolutely sure when executing any online operation. The reason for this is the latest increase in hacker attacks. It is really impressive how the modern cyber threat landscape has managed to develop so dramatically. However, managed MDR services never cease to search for brand-new solutions, using cutting-edge technology and human professionalism.

Managed Detection and Response provides high-performance cybersecurity solutions with the aim to save all your valuable data from any cyber outbreaks. The protection works even if a potential threat breaks into the system, ignoring common security controls. The MDR platform guarantees 24/7 surveillance from the best specialists. It includes cloud-managed security eliminating risks to the classified top-secret data. That is a significant opportunity for organizations that, for various reasons, cannot maintain their security operations center themselves.

If you feel your company is in immediate need of savvy intelligence, highly-professional analytics, and spotless human surveillance, do not hesitate to obtain MDR services. A prompt response to any threats in your corporate network is our biggest objective.

Cookie stealing

One of the potential threats to any online business is cookie stealing. Such a complicated process cannot be explained in just a few words, so we need to touch upon the basics.

What is a cookie?

The easiest way to describe a cookie is to imagine it as tiny bits of data. This data consists of the products you look for, items you buy, places where you scroll, pages that you read, and even abandoned items in your cart. In other words, cookies collect analytical information about each client. They accumulate such knowledge as what you prefer, how long you like to stay on one page, which pages are your favorite, and so on. Such valuable analytical data is used to adjust websites to the needs of clients.

As a result, cookies make the interaction between the user and website owner much more comfortable and effortless. They can improve certain features of the website, ignite more sales, and, in general, guarantee your business thriving perspectives to grow. From the client’s side, cookies help them get a more personalized experience that includes only relevant commercials and proposals.

Why so many security concerns with cookies?

Only the site owner can have access to cookies. However, it does not guarantee their absolute protection, as with everything these days, cookies wander all over the Internet. Commercial services, targeted advertisements, and analytical tools can use them. It makes it possible for any hacker to spot and steal them if needed.

Cookies are not just your shopping preferences, and they also contain bank details and shipping information. If, on the wrong hand, such sensitive data may be used for fraudulent activities. For instance, your personal information can be stolen if you use the same wifi connection with the fraud. It is usually called man-in-the-middle attacks. Because of that, utilizing an unsecured public wifi connection to execute some financial operations is not recommended.

Measures to take against cookie stealing

First and foremost, having a reliable Managed Detection and Response service provider (MDR) gives many insights into how cookie frauds are executed and helps to deal with them in an instant. Abnormal activity in some users’ accounts may be an indicator of a cyber attack. Such activity should be quickly identified by MDR thanks to its round-the-clock surveillance and up-to-date analytical tools. MDR team is always on the post, which makes it effortless to spot the anomaly right away. Later MDR specialists notify the users, do a little check-up and finally block accounts if any further research is required.

Moreover, there are other approaches to dealing with cookie stealing. First of all, install an SSL Certificate because if there is none, your personal data is transmitted without a code. This encryption helps to secure your login credentials and other sensitive content and prevent fraud.

The second rule to remember – an updated website is a secure website. Do not forget to keep your databases up to date and install necessary plugins, themes, etc. Apparently, outdated websites are more susceptible to cyber attacks as they reveal a lot of unprotected spots that are open for exploitation. Make regular updates and strict rules to ensure the smooth and secure running of your business.

Recommendations for website visitors

Undoubtedly, cookie stealing is a complex procedure, and not only website owners are capable of preventing it. Below are a couple of suggestions for website users.

First, make sure you have an updated version of reliable antivirus software. It will help enormously in case any malware is detected. Second, never click on suspicious links, especially if they demonstrate an unnaturally good offer. It is not a surprise that a lot of hackers find their prey by sending malicious emails with dangerous links.

Third, if you tend to store your sensitive information on shopping websites, it is probably just the right time to review your habits. Indeed, it is much easier to deal with passwords if you do not need to remember them. However, it produces a high risk of your data being stolen by hackers. Consider sacrificing a few minutes of your time to log in manually. In the long run, it will still turn out to be advantageous and more secure.

Last but not least, pick up a new habit of clearing out your cookies in a systematic way. As a result, you are always sure your sensitive data is not wandering around the unreliable surface of the world wide web.

Unfortunately, cookie stealing is a common practice nowadays. Sometimes to protect your data, you are forced to be disciplined and vigilant and use a variety of resources. And technology alone is not a silver bullet for stopping personal data breaches. Masterfully planned attacks should be conquered by the combination of cutting-edge technology and human experience. UnderDefense is reinventing the meaning of MDR with the help of a professional team with years of expertise to ensure its clients’ data protection from modern attackers.

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