When setting up social media accounts, one of the first things you will need to design will be the banners that serve as your identity on the platforms. For these, you will need to work with a consistent color scheme and branding, as you would for any other corporate design, but also with the right banner sizes, as they vary from platform to platform and can be a bit burdensome to find.

What information should you look for?

In this article, we are covering the banner sizes for the following social media platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Google Ads, and LinkedIn. However, this industry moves very fast and you could quickly be faced with the task of creating a banner for another platform. In that case, you should pay attention to the following elements:

  • The largest possible banner size
  • The banner size for at least desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • The safe area, which is the area that will never be cropped
  • The number of banner types for the platform, as there could be a different type of banner for profile, page, or group, for example.

The Best YouTube Banner Sizes

Often seen more as a video platform, Youtube is actually one of the largest social networks in the world. Billions are using it and watching a gigantic number of videos, so you may want to start your own channel.

However, for that you will need to prepare your profile and some banners for both the profile and the videos.

For a banner on YouTube, these are the right sizes:

  • 2560×1440px is the minimum size for a channel banner image, the file size should be at most 6MB
  • 1280x720px is the standard Youtube cover banner size for specific videos, the file size should be at most 2MB

To get all the other information, check this page on Youtube banner, it has all the details regarding mobile sizes, safe area, and more.

The Best Twitter Banner Sizes

Twitter is another very popular social media site that draws a lot of attention. On Twitter, profiles are very often consulted, as you will often interact with strangers that want to know who they are talking to. To get dressed up for Twitter, you should at least use the following banners:

  • The profile picture should be a minimum of 400x400px, in a square format and a file size smaller than 5MB. Keep in mind that the picture will be cropped for display.
  • The header picture is in a 1/3 ratio, with a rectangular 1500x500px and a file that should stay under 5MB in size. Again, this will be cropped depending on the screen’s size.

To avoid any mistake, check out all the details about Twitter banner.

The Best Google Ads Banner Sizes

Google Ads come in many flavors, and the banners are no exception, with plenty of available sizes to promote your products or services. The most common banner sizes are the following:

  • 728×90 px – Leaderboard
  • 468×60 px – Banner
  • 300×250 px – Medium rectangle

These are the banners that will allow you to reach the most potential customers, as they are used on more websites. However, you will need to do some further reading if you want to create the perfect Google Ads banner.

The Best LinkedIn Banner Sizes

Whether you want to look better professionally and create yourself a network, or you want to promote your company in a more professional environment. LinkedIn is the perfect social network for you.

Essentially, LinkedIn has two important banners that you need to create if you fully use it:

  • The profile banner, which should be 1584 x 396 px
  • The company page banner, which should be 1536 x 768 px

Again, for full reference, check the LinkedIn banner page, it gives you all the pro tips for a perfect use of banners on LinkedIn.

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