If you are having a hard time to keep your desk organized at work or at home, maybe it’s time to think about taking these things off the desk and use the wall space to stay organized. In this post I have compiled a collection of awesome wall-mounted organizers that proved super-useful.

Tasche Wall Pocket

The simple and uncluttered Tasche Wall Pocket is constructed of thick latigo leather, folded into an envelope shape and hand stitched with waxed twine.


The Polarity Collection

Sold by Visual Magnetics, these tiny shelves prove very useful to store small things you may need quickly. It also allows you to add magnets on it, which can be extra useful.



Pinorama by Hey is the ultimate tool to stay organized. It serves mostly as a board for pinning or adding notes with a magnet, but it also has a small storage space for small stuff you don’t know where to put.


Pocket strip

A thin and elegant strip that lets you store all kind of small items that would bother you on your desk. Available on Three by Three’s website.


Cascando Pillow wall

You must like pillows, everybody does, so why not put some pillows on the wall to organize your things. This organizer goes further than the desk, as you can use if for larger items, like your coat or hat. It works pretty well for magazines and book also. Available on Cascando.


The Aitio collection

Designed by Cecilie Manz, the Aitio collection is a set of small, playful wall organizers sold by Iittala.


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