Many Web developers face the issue of which programs will work the best for enhancing their experience with their website. The truth of the matter is that there are numerous different programs available regardless of the platform in question. This article showcases the ten best programs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Web developers.

Windows Programs:

1. Firebug (Free)

Similar to a free version of Adobe’s Dreamweaver, Firebug will allow code to be edit and debugged and see the changes happen in real time via a “design” tab. It also comes with the ability to be integrated with Firefox for work while browsing. Download

2. SeoQuake (Free)

As another extension for Firefox, this allows Web developers to further enhance the way they handle search engine optimization. Within seconds, it determines the effectiveness of the promotional words placed into any given Web page. Download

3. FileZilla Portable (Free)

Any Web developer who has used FileZilla before will enjoy this handy version – a lightweight, portable version that can be stored on a flash drive and taken on the go. Download

4. PuTTY Portable (Free)

This is a lightweight, portable version of the lovechild between SSH Client and PuTTY telnet. Now this, too, can be take on the road without having to leave behind all of that personal information. Download

5. MeasureIt (Free)

This simple Firefox plugin allows developers to show rulers to make measurements on any given page. Download

6. CSS Validator Service (Free)

Not so much a program as it is a website itself, this HP-supported service allows a URL to be typed into a box. From there, it will point out any potential problems in the CSS coding of the website. Visit

7. BrowserCam (Various Plans Available)

This is an essential tool to ensure coding works across all Web browsers. It allows for comparisons between Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and more, ensuring one browser does not ignore any part of a code. Visit

8. Yahoo! YSlow (Free)

CSS must be compressed in order to save on bandwidth, and this handy application – which can integrate itself with Firebug – can help do just that. Visit

9. Browser Window Resizer (Free)

This program can be used to see how well a website looks in varying window sizes, such as 1024×768 versus 800×600. Download

10. Format CSS (Free)

For web developers that do not have any CSS code, or very little of it, it is possible to use this program to generate a format code based on desired and selected input. Visit

Mac OS X Programs:

11. MAMP (Free)

Mac OS X, Apache, MySQL and PHP come in a convenient little package, allowing Web developers on a Mac to handle their databases and servers. Installation is easy, as well. Download

12. Virtual Hosts X (Free)

This allows developers to edit a virtual host in real time, so no mistakes can be made live on the Internet. The free version lets developers use three hosts at a time, and there is a paid version for more. Download

13. Coda ($99)

This software is similar to Dreamweaver. The only difference is a lesser price, more features and less clutter on the interface. Download

14. Sequel Pro (Free)

Despite its name, this is a free of charge software. It allows developers to manage their MySQL databases, and it is compatible with the usage of MAMP. Download

15. Power*Architect (Free)

For those in need of a good database designer, this program has everybody covered. It effectively maps out keys, relationships, tables and more. Download

16. Transmit ($29)

Made by the same developer as Coda, this program also shares a similar interface. Rather than a code editing software, however, this software aims to function as an FTP uploader. Purchase

17. ($52)

This is a powerful tool that services a developer’s SVN needs. A demo is available for testing. Download

18. Assembla (Free)

Web developers who are looking to host a small amount of data may find solace in this free SVN-friendly host, which includes other convenient things like a wiki. Visit

19. Photoshop ($699)

This is the end all program for any Web developer in need of graphics. It comes with a full assortment of various tools, but it can cause quite a dent in the bank. Download

20. iTerm (Free)

This program stores bookmarks and effectively replaces the somewhat uncomfortable interface that the default Terminal provides. Download

Linux Programs:

21. Bluefish (Free)

This is one of the most popular development programs available on Linux. It is capable of opening 3,500 files at once and supports file syntax highlighting. Download

22. Anjuta (Free)

This allows developers to edit C and C++ languages, as well as debug their programming. Download

23. Glade (Free)

This is a Rapid Application Development software, and it looks similar to. It offers many build blocks, such as setting up checkmarks and text boxes. Download

24. GCC (Free)

This is a GNU compiler that is compatible with FORTRAN, Java, C, C++, Ada and Objective C. Download

25. KDevelop (Free)

Developed in 1998, this program was designed to function with a KDE desktop. It supports 15 different languages and comes with a debugger and code reformatting. Download

26. GDB (Free)

This is another debugger, but this time it is for GNU. Download ]

27. KompoZer (Free)

This is a user friendly authoring tool for coding that follows one simple rule of thumb: what you see is what you get. Download

28. Eclipse (Free)

Written in Java, this IDE supports multiple languages that comes with many different extensions for different needs. Download

29. Make

This program automatically determines whether or not parts of a large program code require being recompiled for any reason. Introduction

30. Quanta Plus (Free)

This is one more HTML editor that provides the “what you see is what you get” rule of thumb. This is also a user-friendly tool. Download

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