Natural textures are some of the most fascinating of all, allowing us to get up close and personal with the world we live in. So often, natural phenomena like the texture of sand, the ripples on water and the vessels running along a leaf’s surface go unnoticed, which is why it’s great to take a better look at them in high-resolution. Below, you‚’ll discover 30 jaw-droppingly beautiful natural textures, covering everything from human skin to turkey feathers, limestone, snow and even rainbows. Take a look and be inspired!

1. Ice

These textures are so cool, they’re positively freezing.

2. IRough Textures

15 high-res, rough, rocky textures for you to use.

3. IWater Textures

Shot in a swimming pool, these textures are a beautiful, aquatic blue colour.

4. ILimestone

The crystalline form of the rock in question is visible in this terrific texture.

5. ITree Bark Texture

A tree bark texture complete with pits, cracks and scratches.

6. IMud Stucco Texture

As you can see from this texture, mud stucco is beautiful when dry.

7. INatural Paper

This texture pack contains nine paper types in total.

8. ICracked Granite Rock Texture

The fascinating patterns caused by rocks cracking can be witnessed in this texture.

9. ITexture of Nature

These textures will change the way you look at leaves.

10. IPressed Leaves Texture

Once dried and pressed, the texture of a leaf changes completely into something resembling the most natural of papers.

11. ITurkey Feather Texture

Who knew that a turkey could be so stunning? The light reflecting off a turkey’s feathers brings out the true colours of the bird.

12. INatural Textures

A pack of 8 textures, including stone, rust, moss and earth.

13. IHuman and Animals

Textures of animal skins – tiger, giraffe, zebra and even human included.

14. IJuniper Wood Texture

Sanded, treated and polished, this is juniper wood as it might appear in your home.

15. IAloe Pattern

The powdery, spiky surface of the aloe vera plant is even more noticeable at this scale.

16. IBrown Black Hair

Straight and silky, this hair looks like “human” to me, but what do I know?

17. ISkin Texture

Human skin – nothing more, nothing less. The simplicity of the image makes it extremely versatile.

18. ILeathery Skin 1

This leathery texture looks so touchable, you just want to reach out and give it a stroke!

19. INight Sky Texture

There’s no view more mystifying than the sky at night. Prepare to be dazzled.

20. ITexture 7

Another texture depicting the night sky, this time full of snowflakes, not stars.

21. IGold

This is one of the few gold textures out there which actually looks like the real thing. The colour is perfect.

22. ISoil Ground Texture

A close up of iron-rich, red earth.

23. INasty Cracks IV

There’s nothing nasty about these cracks. In fact, the scorched earth is rather beautiful.

24. ICloud Texture

The sky doesn’t get much darker and more tumultuous than this. Get ready for the storm!

25. ICloud Texture A

Quite the reverse of the last texture, this one shows sunny skies above.

26. IRainbow Cloud Texture

It’s the same sky, but looking completely different once more. Here, a gorgeous rainbow takes centre stage.

27. ISnow

A sumptuous texture of light, powdery snow.

28. ITexture 68

The sea floor looks absolutely spectacular in this particular texture.

29. ITexture – Water Drop

Like beads of water sitting on your windscreen, the moisture has been captured perfectly here.

30. ISandpaper

Incredibly, this mesmerising pattern of dots is nothing more than a sheet of sandpaper.

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