What would put you off playing an online game? Slow loading time? Boring graphics and visuals? If it wasn’t mobile-friendly?

We’re guessing it would be all of the above, but thankfully none of these apply to Crazy Time, an innovative, user-friendly casino game by Evolution Games that captures the imagination.

Crazy Time in a nutshell

Crazy Time is a live casino game that has four different bonus rounds; Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

Every bonus round has a different and thoroughly engaging theme as well as great presenters and so many chances to win.

Pachinko is like a giant game of pinball. Watch as the presenter drops a ball onto the grid; where it stops, no one knows, but what you win depends on where the ball ends up. The potential to double your winnings with a multiplier just adds to the excitement.

Cash hunt is the one for you if you’re one for the slots. You’re shown a grid of 108 multiplier symbols, then the presenter pulls a lever to mix them all up. Then it’s up to you to click on the symbols you want to reveal to win your prize.

Coin Flip is the ultimate edge of your seat game of chance, which promises a big potential return. A coin flips on the screen then settles at a random prize amount, then another coin flips below it then if they both match when they come to a rest, you’ve won that prize.

Crazy Time is a classic ‘spin the wheel’ gameshow style game, where you get to choose one of three colours, blue, green, or yellow. The presenter spins the wheel then you’ll win a prize if it lands on your chosen colour.

Design is important in the online gaming world

So Crazy Time is a fun, immersive experience that offers players plenty of interaction, which is becoming ever more important in the online casino gaming world.

Another non-negotiable for online casino players is that games need to be mobile and tablet-friendly. Mobile and tablet gaming is set to outstrip PC gaming, so games need to load fast, be responsive, and work on different screen sizes.

Gone are the days when gamers want to wait for slow-loading games, or waste their time downloading games where they are unable to use all of the features properly. Gaming enthusiasts want to be able to play their favourite games anytime, anywhere and if they can’t, they’ll vote with their feet and take their custom elsewhere.

Crazy Time scores highly on all of these counts. It loads fast and players can get exactly the same experience on a mobile device as they can on a PC.

Another important aspect of Crazy Time’s design is the colourful gaming environment that’s been created to attract viewers and stimulate the senses. The use of blue, green, and yellow in the final bonus game is eye-catching but not overwhelming, and in the other games, the strategic use of complimentary colours, simple design, and easy to read fonts makes for an attractive and intuitive gaming environment where players will want to keep playing.

And finally, have you ever visited a website and been in the middle of reading something, or been watching a video on YouTube, and an ad or random video pops up and starts playing?

These are an important source of revenue for websites, but they can be really annoying and distracting for people who visit the site. If you’ve been in this position, you’ve probably just wanted to click off the website straight away.

The great thing about Crazy Time is that your gaming experience is totally interrupted; no ads, no pop ups, nothing that will take anything away from your experience.

Evolution Games has cracked it here; a truly engaging and exciting game format, coupled with intuitive and mobile- friendly design. You couldn’t wish for more.

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