After last week’s announcement of a freemium business model for its UX tool Adobe XD, the design software giant makes another big move towards the web design industry. In fact, Adobe will acquire Magento Commerce, a key player in the eCommerce field.

With this acquisition, Adobe is aiming to add another essential tool to its Experience Cloud ecosystem. While the amount announced seems very high, it’s worth noting that Magento is a leader in its industry with over 250’000 platforms developed with its cloud solution, which generate an average of 155 billion┬ádollars in annual sales.

On the practical side, Magento’s current CEO, Mark Lavelle, will stay in charge of operations in the new branch at Adobe. He shared his excitement of working with Adobe in a recent blog post. The Magento community, which represents 300’000 developers who will probably be happy about the news.

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