Your anniversary is nearing, and you can’t help feeling anxious amidst all the excitement. And this is not an uncommon feeling for those lucky enough to celebrate these inspirational milestones. Anniversaries are not only a way to count all the years that you have stood by each other, but they also serve as marks of the memories that you have created and will continue to do so in your lives. For that reason, they bear special meaning to all who are part of them. To you, your family, your friends and all the people who look to your foundation as a motivation for theirs. The common anniversaries are the silver, golden and diamond wedding anniversaries as they mark 25th, 50th and 75th wedding anniversaries respectively.

There are many ways that you can use to make your loved one feel special. Some people opt for a quiet dinner by the sea while others go all out for a trip aboard where they can have fun as they look back at their happy times. If you’re looking for an incredible way to make their hearts drop when celebrating your 50th anniversary, you could always opt to decorate a room to create a romantic ambience. It could be in your home or a rental where you plan on reliving your most memorable times together. When it comes to decoration, there are a few ways to go about it, but two of the critical components are the colour scheme and decorating the room. 

Choosing the scheme

If you embark on decorating without selecting a color scheme for the room, you will probably end up making a mess in the end. And no, the decoration is not only about finding red roses and scattering their petals all over the bed and floor. You want to make the room warm and welcoming such that they feel comfortable once they walk in. For this reason, you have to get the hue right.

One of the best ways to make the room pop is the use of three colours. In this way, you will not be working with too much as this can create confusion which makes a room look untidy and takes away from the focal point. And you’ll also not be working with a dull look. It’s a great idea to have white in the mix as it will serve as a reminder of your wedding day fifty years ago when you uttered the words that bind you to this day. Having white furniture also helps in bringing the look together and creating a clean, romantic look.

Suitable colours for an anniversary room would be white, some gold and some pale pink. You could also opt to have pale green in the place of pink. Play about with the colours until you get something luxurious. The thing with a colour scheme is that you can rely on it to create the environment that you want in the room as well as the entire building if you choose to go all out. It’s a big day, and if you can make it all the more special, it would mean so much to your spouse.


As for the decorations, you can go about them in two ways. Homemade decorations work best if you have the time required to get them right. And it also helps to have some creativity in tow. If you’re not sure whether you can hack the look you have in mind, some store-bought decorations will come in handy. Luckily for you, there are tons of online stores where you can shop for what you need from the comfort of your home.

When dealing with the decorations, be sure to mix and match the colours. Say for example that you opted to have some pink, gold and white ornaments. A simple way to bring it all together would be in using two big gold balloons coupled with a white balloon and a pink one. If you can get a small pink balloon in the shape of a heart, then it would be better.

As for the bed, you want it to be the main focus of the bedroom if you plan on decorating more than one room. Some silk or satin bedding should have the bed looking and feeling luxurious, and your partner will enjoy the romantic air in the room. Some cushions here and there should give off a feeling of relaxation, and a canopy should come in handy in making the bed feel cozy.

Scented candles and flowers always seem to do the trick when it comes to awakening the senses of your spouse as they walk into the room. Having flowers everywhere is not too much, and the more you have, the better the experience will be. From the bed to the tables all the way to the floor, ensure that you leave no surface untouched. It might be cliché, but it works every time.

With framed pictures of memorable moments on the wall, indulgent snacks and soft background music in tow, you will be sure to make your anniversary a day that both you and your spouse will enjoy to bits. Congratulations on your anniversary and all the best in your preparations!

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