Designing a home library can be exciting if you enjoy immersing yourself in a creative project. In fact, you can make your library fit your own unique style, or look at magazine photos to get an idea of the latest trends. Besides this, consider incorporating a few of these ideas into your plans.

Make it Scholarly

Instead of driving to visit a local college, bring academia to you. Design a home library for your intellectual side. You can use it for studying, casual reading or work. Include globes, textbooks and the right flooring to match.

Have Fun with Wallpaper

You can find wallpaper with various illustrations and designs. For example, search for wallpaper with book patterns or intricate golden hues. Wallpaper can add creativity to once bland walls. Find original designs at places such as Etsy.

Use Storage Space Creatively

If you have inadequate space, you can get creative with storage space. For instance, use every corner effectively, store books under a seat or utilize vertical space. This can maximize the room, so you can add more furniture or décor.

Add Bright Colors

A coat of paint or colorful furniture piece can transform your library. For one, you can place a red coffee table in the room. In addition to this, consider choosing a color theme such as lime, neutral tones or blush pink. You can also mix it up by utilizing many different hues for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Read Near a Window

You can design a reading nook next to a window. This way, natural light can brighten up the place, and enhance its appeal. Place book shelves, a comfy chair and anything else you like. Make it look picture-perfect by finding the right balance between comfort and style.

Utilize Sculptural Shelves

Sculptural shelves can make your library look artistic. If you want your room to stand out, you might need to take some design risks. You can find shelves in various designs, colors and shapes by shopping online, at antique stores or other places.

Decorate with Artwork

Hang artwork on the walls to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. You can purchase art that’s personal to you, or pick out a professional painting or sculpture. The right art pieces can make the room look more interesting.

Modernize the Room

If you prefer a modern look, you can find furniture, shelves and flooring to fit your personal taste. Try adding a clean-lined ladder, inky stained wood and a stylish chair with a modern twist. A modern design can make your library appear clean and polished.

Include Hidden Quirks

Hidden quirks can lend an air of mystery to your library. Install mirrors on the ceiling, or make a bookshelf into a secret door. Additionally, place bookshelves full of books all over the walls, and bring your fantasy library to life.

Just Be You

Rather than trying to copy the latest trends, you can design the room to fit your personality. Go with the flow, and get creative however you’d like. You can create a plan beforehand with drawings or ideas, or just do what feels right.

More Design Tips

  • Choose flooring that’s sophisticated, creatively designed or comforting. Make sure it fits into your overall design plan, since the right flooring can significantly enhance a room’s quality.
  • Browse home design books and magazines to educate yourself further. You can gain a sense of how you want your library to look once it’s completed.
  • Consider what you want for your ideal space by using your imagination. Bring your ideas to life by being practical and realistic.

Although it’s important to design a stunning library, remember to have fun creating the room of your dreams. After all, you have the chance to do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. No matter what, your home library will likely be one of the best investments you ever made in your future.

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