In Asian countries, designs made of bamboo are common and have been used for centuries. Modern designers are also interested by this strong and flexible material that is perfect for creating great designs. In this post we share some great examples of what you can make with bamboo.

1. Bamboo furniture by the Campana Brotheres

Small furniture created by the Campana Brothers for Alessi.


2. Linger bench

A spectacular bench made of bamboo by Alvin Tjitrowirjo.


3. Bamboo tricycle

A bamboo bike for kids made in VietNam, the wheels are in wood, but nothing was treated chemically. A creation of a21 studio.



4. Bamboo furniture by Artek

Gorgeous furniture made of bamboo by the Artek design group.


5. Sand toys

Toys made of bamboo to play in sand. Made by design students in a bamboo toys design workshop in China.


6. Front loader model

Another toy made during that bamboo toys design workshop.


7. Amazon Science Center

A research center built in the Amazon forest by Marks Barfield Architects.


8. Tekio lighting system

A modular lighting system made of bamboo and paper by London designer Anthony Dickens.



9. Bamboo domes

A series of bamboo domes designed by Vo Trong Nghia architects.



10. Moolin lamps

Beautiful lamps made by Lasfera design studio.


More designs made of bamboo?

Have you seen more great designs made of bamboo? Don’t hesitate and share it in the comments. We’d be happy to discover more great stuff.

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