One of the ways to customize your iPad is to find the perfect wallpapers for it. This set of iPad wallpaper gives you a selection of wonderful images formatted for the iPad. I didn’t chose any Apple wallpapers, but you shoudn’t have any problem finding some.

1. A Penguin

2. Domo Kun Zilla

3. Birdsongs 1

4. Island pods

5. Headphones

6. And

7. Game Hunter

8. Toons, Drugs and Rock & Roll

9. City with reflection

10. Sushi Dinner

11. Lolephant

12. Stargazer 2

13. Horse

14. Halcyon

15. Snow Leopard

16. Remember

17. Trombombone

18. Clockwork Closet

19. Red Hood

20. 2

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