Innovation and creativity come straight out of our brains, not from huge budgets or financial conditions. Actually, a constraint can even force designers and other creatives to innovate in order to produce good work.

This bathroom redesign for a restaurant in Lithuania is a perfect example of this. The designers had to redecorate the place, but they couldn’t change the ugly tiles on the wall. Talk about a challenge!

Discover how this collection offers the best tiles for your bathroom allowing you to repurpose them creatively and stylishly, transforming your bathroom into a unique and aesthetically pleasing space.

Instead of giving up, design studio Gyva Grafika decided to turn the tiles into a big building by adding tiny windows. The result is great and makes the place look much more lively with a tiny investment.

An example of a window on a tile, these have become so popular that the design studio started to sell it. To buy some, contact them on their website or through their Facebook page.

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