sagres packaging

I recently bought a pack of beers at the store, which in itself has nothing unusual. However something caught my attention when I came home and opened it: it had a version of the text in braille, the writing system for blind people.

At first I thought that it was thoughtful or of Sagres to think of those who can’t see clearly even before drinking. Then I wondered if it really made sense. How will a blind person walk in a shop, figure out where things are in that place (a thing I can’t do myself) and then pick from a bunch of different brands. The world is clearly not adapted for blind people and it’s a shame, but I can’t even point out my finger at other people, designers or architects as my own blog had not even been made accessible by myself, and that’s the real shame.

So don’t take this article wrong, putting a braille version on products packaging is a good thing and a step forward. It just made me realize how far we are from being in an accessible world.

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