The trends in social media are always changing from time to time. Graphic trends also change from time to time. Brands try to differentiate themselves from other brands by using a style of design for their content which is unique to them. Other brands try to follow what is the most popular design trend currently on Instagram.

Instagram Graphics has become an important perspective of the photos that brands post. The graphics used in the photos need to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the followers. Once you will start posting creative content, they will share your profile link for their friends to discover it. If you don’t know how to buy Instagram likes you should check an online source. InternetMarketingRocks provide real Instagram likes for your post on Instagram and help reach your designs and other content to worldwide audience.

Here are the 5 New Instagram Graphics which is going to be trending in 2020.

1. Abstract Illustrations

Simple illustrations don’t have the same eye-catching power that they once did. Embrace more imaginative, abstract, and even dreamy illustrations to really stand out in 2020.

With so much crowd on the platform, one way to stand out is by using abstract illustrations. These abstract illustrations are usually unique to the creators. Every brand creates different illustrations. Thus, no company can completely copy your illustrations, if they do, they will be caught.

2. Muted Colour Palettes

Designers are stepping back from the vivid and bold colour trends of last year,moving towards more muted colour palettes. Muted colours are simply colours that have been slightly desaturated with black, white or a complementary colour.

Vivid and flashy colours are not going to do it for you in 2020. Muted colours or neutral colours make your designs look natural and easier on the eyes.

Colour Gradients will also be used in a lot of unique ways. They can be added to the illustrations you create or in other simple graphics.

3. Genuine Stock Photos

Once colour trends start to shift, the trends in stock photos and images are pretty quick to follow. That means you’ll expect to ascertain tons more muted landscapes, genuine portraits, and neutral stock photos getting used in 2020.

Bright, bold, and colourful stock images have become an outdated trend now. Brands tone down the colours in the pictures to make them softer which gives them a realistic look.

4. Beautiful Shapes & Lines

Flowing shapes convey a natural, approachable, and genuine feeling throughout your designs. They also pair well with other design trends, like muted colours and heavy fonts for a unique composition.

Using shapes and lines creates a much more authentic image of your brand. Using these basic forms of figures lets users form a bond with your brand much easily. This simple but interesting approach brings out the best out of your brand. It is like using a minimalist theme in your design.

5. Minimalist Feel

More brands are taking a minimalist approach to their posts to keep the focus on what they want. It removes the unwanted things out of the picture, so, the purpose of sharing a particular post is fulfilled and users are able to understand about the post easily.

You can create a minimalist post for your Instagram posts keeping the subject of the picture in the centre trying to convey your message. You can use multiple pictures or captions to better explain your message behind the picture.

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