If you’re an adventurous type who loves trying out something new everytime and experimenting with a lot of things, you’ll get a kick out of this triple-lens panoramic digital camera designed by Franziska Faoro.

This kind of camera which made it to the finals in BraunPrize 2007, an International Design Awards agency, has definitely achieved something phenomenal – and it has a name, Triops.


This product can take images while being thrown, suspended or just being placed in an unusual location. It captures the moment by responding to sound or movement, or by reacting to the manually operated release. Sequentially taken photographs are possible as well as 360 degree panorama images.

via Yanko Design

I am not sure how this can be possible, but it works and I should try it – whether or not its durability is still in question.

By Sarah Malanyaon

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