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Steve Krug’s book title can be misleading because it will make you think for sure. After reading these 200 pages you’ll be more aware of how to improve the usability of your websites and more sensitive to the way user browse websites.

After introducing a set of guiding principles, the book gives you design patterns and tools to improve the efficiency of your website, then insists on usability testing and even gives you tips on how to do it cheaply. The best thing about this usability bible is probably that it is illustrated with comprehensive examples where the author shows real-life websites enhanced.

Needless to say that Don’t Make Me Think is a must-have book for any serious web designer. Young designers will learn a lot from it and experienced ones will refresh their knowledge.

don't make me think inside pages

Real-life examples of things done wrong.

don't make me think inside pages

Introduction to a websites’s structure and web usability.

don't make me think inside pages

Websites revisited by the author of the book, practical examples.

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