Digital transformation is the need of the hour for businesses like yours. Why? Because today’s customers expect everything to be digital. They expect the same experience with your business as those they have in their everyday lives. Digital is everywhere and, if you are not leveraging it, you look as if you are behind the times.

The benefits of building an app/website for your business

  1. It’s not only about customer expectations. Building an app or website for your business can give you countless opportunities inhouse to move away from the manual and automate. This saves you time, money and, what’s more, allows you to focus on big picture opportunities on the horizon.
  2. While streamlining your internal practices and serving as a key engagement tool with your end-users, a new app or website also helps you deepen and maintain customer loyalty by minimizing lag time when it comes to customer service. Digital help desks and support systems are a fast and direct way to ensure your customers remain happy with your brand.

Of course, not every business is a large-scale enterprise with the knowledge, time or pocketbook to develop transformational digital solutions. An alternative? Building with Human Assisted-AI.

The Builder Studio approach to development at Builder gives you three key things: a faster build, a pay-as-you-go model and a build that you can understand — no matter your knowledge of code.

  1. Turnkey and go
    The key to the Builder platform is that it leverages human-assisted AI to build your software out of what has worked historically. Proven and reusable features are combined together in assembly line-style production to build your solution quickly and easily. AI and a team of 74,000 developers around the world help ensure that downtime is limited and that your build focuses only on the features you need in your app or website
  2. A user-friendly dashboard
    You get to monitor and control your build as it progresses via your Builder dashboard. While agency-style builds can leave you in the dark and out of control, Builder lets you tweak as you go. More importantly, it lets you monitor and control costs. You pay weekly as your project proceeds and you pay less if you finish ahead of schedule.
  3. “Code free” build
    Technology can intimidate and businesses who don’t have a suite of developers might have second thoughts about diving into development. Builder is designed for businesses like you and doesn’t require decades of technical know-how on your bench. You get a “code free” build, at least on your end. You just choose the features and we take care of the code. Plus, any code we use is tested and updated continuously, ensuring its ongoing performance.

Builders, staying on top of digital transformation is mission-critical at businesses large and small. What have your experiences been with software development with an eye on digital transformation? We want to hear from you. Reach out to us via social media on Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure you click over to Builder Studio, too, so you can get started with your own fast, affordable, and easy build. Digital transformation awaits!

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