If you think socks are just something you wear for protecting your feet from the cold and from friction in your shoes, think again! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a long history of stealing the show by wearing shiny socks (while still wearing a suit), the New York Times even wrote an article on his “socks diplomacy“. Recently, it’s┬áLeo Varadkar, Ireland’s Prime Minister, who grabbed everybody’s attention with his socks while meeting… Justin Trudeau!

Whether you want to start a political career or just like cool socks, Chatty Feet got you covered (or at least your feet). They regularly release new cool socks, and this artistic set is the latest example. Including Basquiatoe, Feet Mondrian, Jackson Pollsock, and Sole-Adore Dali, this box is everthing an art lover would dream of. Perfect for a gift to your artsy friends… or for a Canadian Prime Minister.

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