As the internet continues to revolutionise our lives, the way we communicate is also evolving. One of the upcoming trends in this regard, is the use of virtual whiteboards.

Whether it is for delivering an engaging virtual lesson or an impressive virtual presentation, a virtual whiteboard can help. As touch-operated devices become more popular, a virtual whiteboard can turn out to be an extremely advantageous tool to have in your collaboration arsenal.

With that said, there are now a number of options available when it comes to choosing a virtual whiteboard. Depending on your needs, the decision can easily prove to be an expensive one.

To make sure you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck, look out for these features in your virtual whiteboard:


This is probably one of the most basic features on this list, and for obvious reasons. A virtual whiteboard is essentially a collaboration tool and a collaboration tool needs to be accessible if it is going to be useful.

Make sure the virtual whiteboards you consider support all kinds of devices. Moreover, since others will be using the whiteboard to collaborate, make sure there is an easy learning curve involved in adapting to the technology.

Interpretation Ability

This features is especially important for teachers, online tutors, and educational organisations. When you draw a symbol on your whiteboard, is it able to interpret the symbol and display it as text? Is it able to interpret and present mathematical equations? Does it possess the ability to convert equations into graphs?

These features, while a bit on the advanced side of the spectrum, have the potential to significantly improve the outcome of your training endeavours.

Ability To Customise

A tool that enables collaboration is going to be used by multiple individuals. To make sure everyone is at ease when they use it, customisation features are essential. Not to forget, with customised input features such as colours, fonts, highlighter colours, tracking individual contributions also becomes much easier.

Fully customisable whiteboards offer distinct and important collaboration advantages to your team. At the same time, not all whiteboards are offering these features. Make sure you ask the right questions when picking out your virtual whiteboard.

Multimedia Support

Presentations and online courses can both be made better with the use of visual media. Humans are visual learners, and the ability to add images and videos to your presentation or course material can drastically improve their impact.

When choosing a whiteboard, look for multimedia support. This will enable to enrich your content with more relevant content and ultimately, help you make the most of your investment on a collaborative online whiteboard.

Conferencing Features

Another set of features that are important to any collaboration tools, conferencing features include polling, audio and video conferencing, and chat rooms. These features will enable you and your collaborators to interact in real time, while sharing your ideas on a common virtual whiteboard.

With the right conferencing features, a virtual whiteboard can easily start to blur the lines between a meeting in your office and one being held inside your tablet device.


The right virtual whiteboard has the potential to eliminate the need of being physically present for a number of tasks. With that said, choosing the right one can turn out to be tricky.

Hopefully, we’ve made the decision just a little bit simpler with this article.

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