Dutch designer Chungkong‘s passion for movies spills over into his nights. After crafting brand identities by day, he unwinds by creating minimalist movie posters. With over 1,400 in his collection, Chungkong’s talent lies in capturing a film’s essence through clever visuals.

His secret? Working magic with metaphors. He boils down key moments to simple, yet impactful, images. A quick glance reveals the gist, while deeper dives uncover hidden details for true cinephiles.

This skill stems from his branding expertise. He understands the art of clear and concise communication, translating it into impactful posters that strip movies to their core.

A keen eye for detail elevates Chungkong’s work. He selects non-obvious elements that resonate with movie fans. These subtle cues transform into captivating posters, often more evocative than the originals.

Designed for home, not billboards, Chungkong’s posters are art pieces worthy of your wall or a coffee table book. He curates the movie experience, distilling it into sharp visuals. Bold colors, minimal details, and impactful quotes complete the package.

What began as a hobby has become an obsession. “I can’t watch a movie anymore without imagining the minimalist poster,” Chungkong confesses. This unique approach has honed his skills, turning him into a master extractor of visual narratives from film.

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