Regardless of the nature and the sector of your business, whether it’d be B2B or B2C, downright online or also on location, your customers should be your primary focus. With such vast competition and so much on offer in the market these days, the quality of your customer service and relations can be the breaking point between you and your competitors. Improving customer communication on your website can even increase your revenue. Here are five, easy to accomplish ways of how to improve customer communication on your site.


The key to an excellent company blog is knowing your audience and consistently producing quality content. If you have already established your online business, chances are, you also know your target audience. Use that knowledge to deliver targeted and personalized content that your customers will want to read. In your blog posts, try to answer questions your customers might have, provide valuable advice and share your experience. Blogging is a kind of an indirect way of talking to your customers, sharing common concerns and joys. Also, by including social media buttons on your blog, you allow your content to be shared by your readers gaining a wider audience and more potential customers.

Live Chat

There is nothing more frustrating than an inability to contact customer support or difficulty in finding company’s contact details when you have a question to ask about the product or service. Your customers might have inquiries that your blog or website’s copy isn’t answering, therefore, integrating a live chat button on your website is a quick way to handle all sales questions while the lead is still hot, establish a conversation with your potential customers, and reduce your website’s bounce rate. On top of that, using Live Chat, you also get more detailed information about your website’s visitors, such as their location, pages they viewed on your website, email address, and so on.

Web Forms

Generating a good web form on your website is one of the best ways to get input from your potential clients. Online forms are where your potential customers will disclose personal information like email address, name, and surname. Web forms are not only a source of all your customer data but also an indirect conversation starter. Based on the information you get through a web form, you can send personalized emails, sales proposals, and updates about your company directly to your clients. These free forms are the perfect conversation starter. Optimized well, they can help you turn leads into customers.

Produce a lot of visual content

According to research, only 10% of heard or read information is remembered a few days later. However, if that same information is paired with a video or an image, 65% of it is remembered a few days later. Including sales or promotional videos, infographics, engaging images, and other visual content onto your website is an easy way to engage with your customers and grow a loyal audience. Information that you see, and especially if that information connects and motivates you in some way, is easier to remember. It is also essential to make that information easy to share. Who can be better advocates of your brand than your customers?

Use Social Media platforms

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can not only increase your brand’s visibility and become yet another perfect platform to talk about your services and products but also it allows you to listen to what people are saying about your brand. Opinions expressed on social media can come not only from your customers but also from your competitors. Social media presence is vital for any business as it connects you and your customers outside of the “usual environment” like your company’s website. By connecting with your customers on social media channels you establish a less formal contact.

To sum up

Communicating with customers is key to success in any business. Providing perfect conditions for your website’s visitors to communicate with you is essential. In order to do that, it’s good to analyze your website from your client’s perspective and see what it might be lacking. Make sure you include these five points mentioned above on your website to create a more visible and engaging brand as well as establish a loyal audience.

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