Maybe we shouldn’t, but we all judge books by their covers before we read them. The books and magazine presented in this post are the ones that make a great job at grabing potential readers attention from their covers already.

1. The New Yorker

A winter sport themed New Yorker cover, looks gorgeous!


2. The Voice of Light

Awesome use of white space in this cover designed by Francesca Pavese.


3. News of the world

A very subtle cover designed by Jason Booher, it uses tiny bits of famous logos of newspapers from around the world.


4. Gulliver’s travel

An awesome alternate book cover that makes great use of white space. Via Etsy (not available at the moment unfortunatly).


5. The Room

A cover design with some depth, designed by Christopher Brand.


6. The Jungle Book

An alternative book cover for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book designed by Tatiana Boyko.


7. Moonshine: Dreamworks artists… after dark!

A collection of art by the studio’s illustrators when not working on studio projects.


8. Dubliners

A gorgeous and well-illustrated cover for James Joyce’s book Dubliners.


9. Edgar Allan Poe collected stories

A beautiful cover illustrated by Emma Löfström.


10. Pragmatism: a reader

A very pragmatic book cover.


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