WordPress has made the creation of websites much easier and quickly became the top solution for publishing online. In fact, over 37% of the Internet is powered by WordPress nowadays. However, it can still be a bit difficult to create themes that look just like you want using WordPress only.

Enter page-builders, which are specific plugins that allow designers to create visually appealing websites without coding, thus opening a whole new world of design for WordPress creators. Truth to be told, many page-builders are not so good and produce clunky code, but Elementor is the perfect combination of good UX and nice front-end rendering. However, not so many themes are ready to work well with Elementor. This is not the case of Theemza’s latest release: Litho.

Litho: A Multipurpose Theme Built To Work With Elementor

The Litho WordPress theme addresses exactly this issue. It gives you a great tool to have as much freedom as possible to design your website without technical limitations. Litho was created by Themezaa, an agency with a proven record of building solid WordPress themes, making them one of the top theme creators on ThemeForest.

36 ready-to-use homepage demos & lots of pre-built pages

To help you getting started faster with your design, the Litho theme puts you on track with plenty of homepage demos and pre-built pages that are the perfect starting point for quality design work.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this feature enough, having lost countless hours setting up the basic structure for projects, when I could have done it using templates like these. The templates are fully customizable, so they won’t limit your creativity, but they are truly game-changers in terms of execution time.

Seamless integration of popular plugins

Modern WordPress websites often take advantage of the most popular plugins, whether it’s to integrate a store, add translations, contact forms, or subscription forms. The Litho WordPress theme is ready to work with any of the most used plugins, another huge time-saver if you know how time-consuming it can get to integrate these plugins in your theme manually.

Perfect for use with Elementor

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page-builder for a good reason, it is extremely easy to use and powerful. Litho gives you access to all the features of Elementor: drag-and-drop design and ready-to-use components. On top of that, Litho provides you with over 200 custom elements developped just to make your life easier.

E-Commerce, Portfolio, One-page Website,… you can do it all

There are only few things more frustrating than not being able to activate a new feature on your website. If you are a freelance designer that wants to add an online shop to sell your illustrations, you shouldn’t be blocked by a WordPress theme that doesn’t have full support for WooCommerce. The Litho Elementor WordPress theme is ready for any layout or function that you may need.

SEO & Mobile Friendly

Mobile browsing increases by the day and shouldn’t be left aside, as it would mean losing potential visitors. Themezaa’s Litho theme did everything right to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly, including providing you with a selection of possible styles for the mobile version of your site.

It’s also coded in a way that ensures good compatibility with search engines, letting you focus on getting links rather than over-optimizing your website for search.

About Litho Author – ThemeZaa

ThemeZaa is powered by LinkSture, a digital media agency offering creative services in website design & eCommerce development with various technologies like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, ASP.NET, and Android & iOS mobile application development using Flutter and React native. ThemeZaa is Power Elite Author at Envato, has earned a 5-star rating from users because of their responsive and on-time support.

ThemeZaa offers a variety of top-notch HTML/CSS website and marketing templates and WordPress, Magento, Shopify themes to help make your website a success, including:


Hongo is a creative & modern design and multi-purpose, fast loading and highly flexible WordPress theme which is specially curated for creating WooCommerce store, company website, and blogs.


Pofo is an innovative, pixel-perfect, extremely flexible and highly customizable Bootstrap responsive multi-purpose corporate, portfolio and blog WordPress theme with 25+ unique home page demos, 150+ stylish elements and 200+ useful templates.


As you can see, Litho is one of the most flexible and well tought-out themes that you can use if you regularly create websites, or if you want to create a website fast and flexibly. You can purchase it from ThemeForest or discover more features on the Themezaa demo page for Litho.

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