Due to the random nature of the medium, watercolour painting is hard to reproduce in Photoshop. The effects or filters available often lack realism, and it’s hard to create anything as nice as what this bundle offers. For a small fee of $17, you can get a bundle filled with everything watercolour: 44 layer effects with 3 different techniques, 30 png shapes, 49 brushes, 10 watercolour patterns, 2 blank paper textures. That’s a total of 299 design elements, enough to create digital watercolours for life!

There is a strong trend that designers really enjoy at the moment, no more boring designs cool watercolour effects that can be used on all kinds of support for any design: business cards, birthday or wedding cards, logo designs, brochure backgrounds,… think of anything created by designers and you can use this bundle to create it. Check out all the previews in this post if you are still not convinced.

The best part? This bundle comes with a 51% discount for a limited time. Purchase it now for only $17 instead of $35.










Beautiful, right? You can purchase it right now on MightyDeals!

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