Packaging design is a quite specific field in the graphic design industry. Your 2D designs are taken a step closer to 3D, and it’s the closest you could get to product design while still doing graphic design. Here are a few examples of creative packagings that make the best of it.

1 –¬†Philips energy saving bulbs

A fun interaction between the product’s design and packaging’s design. The design is simple, elegant, and works very well to attract the clients eyes in a supermarket. Source.


2. Gramma’s jam

If you think of grandma and her homemade jam, what else would you think of? For designer Ben Loht, it would be the little kid’s shirt and suspenders. This is not a real-world packaging, but a cool concept nonetheless. Source.


3. Stash Tea

Simplicity at its best. An elegant box with simple type and gorgeous watercolor is way enough to make this tea packaging stand out from the rest. Source.


4. Epic wine

Wine packaging designed by Australia-based studio Co-Partnership for Hungerford Winery. The label and overall package truly live by the name of the wine.



5. Take Away Pizza packaging

This pizza box includes a cool logo that shows the speed of delivery is a slice of the service in the company. Source.


6. Dr. Feelgood frozen pops

With a vintage look-and-feel and a cool “medical” name, these frozen pops are nearly perfect. Source.



7. William Whistle tea packaging

Tea packaging with gorgeous illustrations. Both the typography and drawings are deliciously old fashion, with a nice touch of color in each package. Source.



8. Nail packaging

A simple packaging for nails that focuses on safety. Hard to hurt yourself taking nails out of this box. The simple design and condensed typography also works very well. Source.


9. Cocktail Kit

A vintage design based on American graphic design heritage, it even has old fashioned written on the box. Source.


10. Bird-shaped shoe packaging

Cool boxes that will please pretty much any kid who gets shoes bought. Source.


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