Yes, I have to admit it even though I don’t like them: puppies are cute. This said, some designers find a way to make their work even cuter than some furballs, see it for yourself.

Hugging Salt & Pepper, will you ever be cruel enough to separate them?

Head chefs, cute as hell, not so sure about the practical side of those.

If someone says the words “cute car design”, you’ll think of the Mini Cooper right? Well, that was until you discovered the above übercute VW bus.

Getting organized isn’t the cutest thing to do, make it a little more lively with these organizer tabs.

Cip Cip, how could birds not go in this bird feeder.

Gnome-be-gone gnomebearers, will cutely carry your garden gnomes away.

Zoolight, cute animal lamps.

If you have to be an alcoholic, at least be a cute alcoholic with this elephant bottle opener.

I don’t think that webdesign can get any cuter than Meomi‘s template, even the scrollbar smiles when you use it. Check out their designs too, it’s a real cuteness overload.

Mico lamp, cutely inspired by mushrooms.

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