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Ultimate WordPress Business Bundle

Bundle includes 15 eye-catching themes and 5 powerful plugins.
Dates: 30th of July to 3rd of August

$69 instead of $1199 – Get it now!

The Amazing Craft Bundle

It comes packed with 19 fonts, bundles of cuts files, vectors, embellishments and more!

$24 instead of $288 – Get it now!

Popsky: A Vivid Bestseller Multicolor Font

Talk about your real eye candy! Make your social media posts, logos or any other visual project truly “pop” with this utterly unique typeface. Popsky is a beautiful multi-colored font that’s been recognized in “The Best Commercial Typefaces” list. Grab your clients’ attention in the blink of an eye with this remarkable font.

$7 instead of $18 – Get it now!

The Mock-up Bundle

It includes some fantastic mock up packs from T Shirts, to Scene Creators, Mugs, Frames, Handheld Devices and more.

$19 instead of $217 – Get it now!

18 PowerPoint + 18 Keynote Templates + 14 Google Slides Templates

Want your presentation to truly stand out from the crowd? Then get your paws on these powerful and professional templates from Entersge. This set of 18+18 slick presentation templates are compatible with both Keynote and PowerPoint. Also, you’ll get 14 Google Slides Templates! Packed with more than 3,800+ easily customizable slides, you can simply drag and drop your images to update these beautiful, modern presentations.

$24 instead of $890 – Get it now!

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