Cats already have a giant virtual network pretty much dedicated to worship them: the Internet. This isn’t enough for your poor cat that doesn’t know how to read anyway. Your cat surely deserves better design at home, whether it’s to entertain himself or to have a cooler place to sleep in.

Scratching day

If you ask me, most DJs look like they have no clue what they are doing when working in clubs. This scratching board will make your cat look like a real DJ that has no idea what he is doing. It will also allow him to have a surface to scratch on, which is also nice.


Solar power moving cat toy

No batteries needed for this moving toy, it’s all powered by the sun. The movements are made for your cat to practice its hunting moves and entertain itself.


Plant Hidden Litter Box

A cool looking clay pot that hides a large litter box for your cat. It has a vented system that helps you control dust and odor, and it looks like the perfect system to not have an obvious and smelly litter box in the middle of the room.


Cats pagoda

A tiny fountain for your cats to hang out and drink from. This porcelain fountain will continuously recirculate 70 ounces of water.


Keyboard scratching area

Another musical scratching area for the cat, that looks like a keyboard this time.


Itch Wall Wood Scratching Board

Small minimalist scratchboards for the cat. These almost look like small paintings for your cat, the texture and design will not ruin the look-and-feel of your home.


Katris scratching block modular furniture

Another place for your cat (or cats) to hang out and scratch around. This Tetris inspired furniture is made of cardboard and can resist your cats scratching.


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