Here are some nice design-related blog posts you shouldn’t have missed this week.

A Collection of HTML5 Resources and Tutorials

I’ve been working on my first HTML5 template and these resources are very welcome.

html code

Promoting Your Creative Blog: 8 Great Tips to Success

You should read this article if you are a blogging designer, I would emphasize the importance of guest blogging.

circlebox screenshot

Typo/graphic posters

Yet another awesome article from idsgn, can’t believe I never linked to them so far.

typographic posters

Dropbox as a tool for design business

As a Dropbox user and fan, I strongly recommend this article.

dropbox for designers

The benefits of experimentation

Great points made in this post, the importance of personal projects is very often underestimated.

experiment design logo redesign

I just love this new logo.

lobster logo

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