Shoebox apartments are notoriously small and can accommodate no more than one or two people. Making a shoebox apartment a comfortable living space can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some design tips to help you optimise space and style in your small home and make it more welcoming.

Keep the Space Breathable

Designing your limited space with pieces that promote as much airflow as possible is an excellent way to create an illusion of a larger area. Instead of using clunky bed frames, coffee tables, and couches that rest on the ground, invest in furniture with longer legs and space around them. The visibility underneath makes it seem like there is airflow and broadens the room’s perceived dimensions.

Go Vertical

One of the most common design principles of shoebox apartments is to “think tall when small.” Limited floor space may mean limited storage, but you can maximise the space with shelves that leverage the space from floor to ceiling. If you have standing dressers or built-in wardrobes that don’t go up to the ceiling, utilise the space fully by storing items on top of cabinets.

Turn On The Light

Light plays an integral role in making spaces look larger than their actual size. Avoid using heavy curtains as window treatments for a tiny room—it closes the space visually. A far better option is to capitalise on your primary source of natural light by using Venetian blinds in shades that match the colours of the room or draw the eye to the window as a focal point.

Unify Your Colour Palette

If your apartment has relatively small adjacent rooms, you can make the space feel larger by having a uniform colour palette running through the entire house. It is advisable to use neutral shades in small homes as it promotes a smoother spatial appeal. You might also want to use paint with a bit of sheen that reflects the light well and tricks the eye into thinking the space is larger than reality.

Invest in One Big Artwork

You don’t have to pile up the art pieces to make a smaller space feel comfortable or luxurious. Instead, choose one large piece that will stand out and deliver the desired look without overcrowding the area. Why not choose between a large-scale artwork, a sculptural piece, or an eye-catching piece with history?

Adopt Space-Saving Trends

Floating furniture is becoming an increasingly popular interior design trend, especially for homeowners struggling with limited square footage. Instead of using bedside tables, consider investing in floating shelves. If you have a small kitchen space, consider suspending an old wooden ladder from the ceilings to store your pans and pots.

Perception is Key

It can be challenging to upgrade your small apartment to a comfortable, stylish space that is perfect for enjoying your favourite slot online. However, a few minor changes to the layout, furniture, additions, or colour scheme can make a world of difference. Follow these tips and be more thankful for the place you call home.

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