When it comes to websites, people love it when they look new and fresh. It is crucial since looking new is how site owners can catch and hold visitors’ attention. Every year has some recent design trends that affect how websites should look. For 2022, there are several web design features that you should consider focusing on when building or changing your website.

One page is in

While multi-page sites are helpful for e-commerce, one-page websites are the favourite for information sites. People like simplicity when looking for information, and a single page is the most basic approach. Visitors to the site will immediately see the important things they need to know. This approach is perfect if you want to present a product or service since visitors can see everything at a glance. However, it can be challenging since you must pack information into a single page without scrolling too much. However, the limitation can be a blessing in disguise since it forces you to focus on essential things.

Bigger typography

Readability is an integral part of good web design. If visitors can’t read the text on your website, they will leave. An essential part of readability is typography. Good typography allows people to take in your site at a single glance. The new trend will help since the focus is now on bigger fonts.

Until recently, websites tried to balance the images and text on the page. Now, it seems that the focus is on bigger letters. Some of them even dominate the page. This approach is interesting since it focuses on the graphic nature of typography. When you increase the size of the letters, they become more than text. They end up being images themselves. So, choose a suitable font and select the right size to make your text pop.

Bold lines divide sections

Lines are an excellent way to divide your one-page website. Bold lines disrupt eye movement and create sections on a page. For example, a simple line can help set up a layout on a page. Instead of blank space, the line is there to be a distinct marker. Combine it with interactive animation, and you can have some exciting results. The effect makes an ultra-modern website feel like a magazine or newspaper, making it more memorable.

Standardizing the gender-neutral approach

Another nice trend is the focus on gender neutrality. While being gender-neutral is not new, the spread of the design trend is interesting. Instead of masculine and feminine design elements, which make it feel that a site targets a specific gender, neutral designs make a website welcoming to all genders.

The above trends are only a few of the notable ones. You can discover several more while talking with a good web designer. Your website will likely not have all these features. However, it could benefit from one or two of them. Coordinate with your web design team to see which ones will be the easiest to integrate into your current website. If you plan a complete overhaul of your website this year, you should seriously look at what is hot in web design so that your site can be as modern as possible.

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