Have you ever made a presentation, infographic, invitation, social media arts, and so on? Presentations, infographics, and the like prioritize design in the manufacturing process. Because with an attractive design, more people will be interested in seeing and reading presentations, infographics, and others.

If usually, some people use design applications such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make a presentation, infographic, and others, now you don’t need to worry anymore. Why? Because now we’ve been facilitated by online design tools available on the internet. You can make presentation designs, infographics, invitations, social media arts, and so on using DesignCap.

Features of DesignCap

Using DesignCap, you can create various designs for various purposes very easily. DesignCap already has a variety of templates available that you can use to create various designs for all your needs.

DesignCap also has outstanding design flexibility, so many internet users use this online tool to create designs. In this article, we will tell you some of the features of DesignCap.

1. Millions of resources and thousands of templates

In DesignCap, you will find more than a million art resources like stock photos, online icons, built-in shapes, modules, many background patterns, preset fonts, etc. You can upload your images to DesignCap as well as search a desired one online under its resource data.

The professional templates have various types such as templates for charts, infographics, presentations, reports, cards, invitations, YouTube channel arts, leaflets, menus, logos, and so on. The templates also have various themes such as Christmas, children’s day, birthday invitations, infographics about the coronavirus, and many more.

You can find ready-made templates in the Templates section. Just select one of the templates provided on the Templates section, then you can edit it by clicking Customize. Then you can edit the contents of the template according to your needs very easily and quickly.

2. No need to install any application

As you may know that generally, many applications require large memory to install because they work very hard on your computer. Well, this is where the role of DesignCap is needed because DesignCap does not need to be installed on your computer. To use it, open your internet browser and type Designcap.com into the search engine.

In the initial page view of the site, you can immediately choose which template you want to use and then edit it. And if you’re going to save the design results that you have created, you can download it. To use its cloud storage, you’d better to register and login to the Designcap.com site first.

3.  No design skills needed

Usually, some people will make designs using the help of design applications such as Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, right? But unfortunately, the app is not available for everyone, especially if you have no technical skills in design.

These applications usually have a lot of tools that are on the right side, left side, top, and bottom display. It will make users who are not familiar and are still beginners in terms of design become very confused.

With the availability of various available DesignCap templates, you can already create attractive presentations, infographics, invitations, and reports. And with these various templates, you don’t need professional editing skills. Because you can immediately replace the text and other elements such as lines, shapes, icons, and so on in the template to your liking, all you need to do is choose which item you want and then position it as you wish. Very easy, right?

4. Save a lot of time

What benefit me very much is that it saves me a lot of time when using DesignCap. As I talked above, you can only choose a template and replace all the elements on the templates to make it customized. The vast number of art resources will also facilitate your design to save you more time.

DesignCap will help you if you need the results of the design in a short time. Therefore, DesignCap is highly trusted as an online tool that can create designs in a matter of minutes. When compared to making a design using any other editing applications, DesignCap will save you more time.

5. Flexible editing tools

The editing tools in DesignCap are compelling and flexible. If you feel something is missing in the template you have chosen, you can add it to your design using the tools in DesignCap.

You can add photos or images, charts, text, modules, and backgrounds. To add photos or images, click the photos button, then there will display a variety of images in various themes. You can also insert a chart in your design, and the chart can be a pie chart, a bar chart, a line chart, etc. DesignCap offers the option to import data directly from spreadsheets of CSV, XLS, and XLSX.

Likewise, with text, you can add text to your design with a variety of attractive fonts. You can also insert Modules to provide the information you want to convey. And finally, you can change your background design. The available background patterns also are very aesthetic, attractive, and elegant.


DesignCap makes it easy for you to create presentation designs, infographics, invitations, social media arts, and so on. Equipped with powerful features, and millions of art resources, it will help you make your design much easier and saves a lot of time.

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