As people look for alternative ways to get to their jobs or school on time while avoiding being stuck in traffic for hours, electric vehicles increase in popularity. Whether we’re talking about bikes, scooters or mopeds, these products are trending and they will most likely continue doing so in the future years.

The good news is that not all people can afford to buy or store these vehicles, and this is why renting them is a more profitable business in the long term. But how will you turn your business into a successful one on a rising market? Here are some tips that will help you market your startup so that it appeals to the public.

Research laws and regulations in your area

When it comes to electric scooter legislation, it depends on the state and the country. Thus, it would be best to know what you’re up against before making any other move. In some countries like England, these vehicles are forbidden from public roads, while any speed above 15 mph in France will get you a fine.

Electric scooters (PLEVs) in New York are completely forbidden and riding one will get you a $500 fine. However, most cities and states are yet to establish their own legislations so you can work around the system for now.

Share the news

Marketing and advertising your business properly is a must, given that we live in a digital era. Flyers may still be a good option in places crowded by tourists but a website and online reach will work better.

According to studies, people are more inclined to trust a startup business if it comes with a well-built online platform and all the necessary contact info and data. In other words, you need to hire a professional to handle the website and keep it fully functional at all times.

The design of the website is extremely important given that you are selling an experience rather than a product. Focus on creating useful content to upload on your website and keep it attractive for the end-user.

Considering that the majority of your clients will be teenagers, young adults, and adults up to 40-45 years old, a UX design specialist would be a more suitable option to help you create and look after your website.

As a general tip, you should choose bold, bright colors and keep the writing content to a minimum. Your website should tell a fun story so don’t forget to include clients’ testimonials and attractive design.

Have an app

Apart from your website, most youngsters will be interested in an app that will make rental and payment easier and faster. There are already many app developers that have created specific products for your needs but make sure you pick a trustworthy company that can also provide 24/7 maintenance.

Again, hiring a design professional to create the app and help you implement it is the best option as it can increase your profits and make your business become more popular. Similar to the website, the end-product should be attractive and intuitive, so that even those who have never rent a scooter before will manage to choose the item they desire and secure the payment in a couple of minutes.

Find a good supplier for your business

As we previously mentioned, these vehicles don’t come cheap but you will need to afford at least 30-40 to thrive in this business field. Therefore, finding a good supplier that will provide quality scooters and the perfect ones for heavy adults should be your main focus.

If you plan on importing your vehicles from another country, you first need to make sure they are compliant with the rules and regulations, including safety measures in your state. Remember that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to overseas vendors.

Some manufacturers don’t provide a warranty for their products, meaning you won’t be able to return them if they are faulty. To make sure you found the perfect supplier, take your time and research the market for trustworthy companies. Go through the supplier’s website, check for online reviews from other customers, and make sure their customer service is working properly.

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