There isn’t many blogs solely dedicated to typography, but many blogging graphic designers out there love typography and they usually tend to be either grid maniacs or letterpress lovers, or even both in many cases.

The video above isn’t about one of these two topics, but it’s still very interesting because it is very down to earth and takes a look at the challenges of modern typographers: new devices (well… not so new anymore…). Even though he designed fonts for a company despised by most designers (Microsoft), Steve Matteson has a solid experience in an impressive variety of fields.

The most interesting part of the talk is to me when Steve talks about the creation of non-latin fonts. I am truly amazed with the work that is done to design each type for all these different alphabets.

The video is long (more than 50 minutes), so if you are in a hurry, just skip the beginning of the video, it is quite boring.

You can check out Steve Matteson’s portfolio here and here.

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