Gil and Humberto, the founders of ChattyFeet socks, probably never heard about the Babibouchettes in their life. It’s quite understandable, because that Swiss TV show for children never got any success outside of the country.

That show was running on a very low budget, with socks pimped to look like faces and animated by hand. Why am I talking about this here? Because ChattyFeet got started almost like a joke, when the two founders were discussing and wondered what would happen if their socks could talk.


They started working on illustrated socks, originally made for adults. Due to the success they met, it quickly turned into a wide range of cool-looking socks, designed by top illustrators. On this post you can discover a few of the socks, but you’ll have to go to their shop to see more.

I can attest the quality and warm feeling these socks bring, I got a few pairs for me and my family. We are now the center of attention anywhere we need to remove our shoes.


The socks also come in packs.





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