Are you looking for something to organize your schedule? The calendar on your phone makes your life a bit easier of course but it would be great to have a neat overview on your desk or refrigerator. All you need is a calendar making software, and the result will exceed your expectations! Even if you are not a super creative person, this program makes it very easy and enjoyable. Take advantage of over 100 templates and designs, discover many calendar types, from wallet size to wall calendar, and customize events.

Business or personal?

First, you have to decide, what is the purpose of your calendar, whether you are making it for personal use, like keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries and other family-related dates, or you need a business calendar for work. This custom calendar maker gives you a big variety of design options.

Choose the right calendar type

Once you start the photo calendar maker, you will see several options for your planner: desk calendar, wall calendar, pocket calendar, etc. You can also choose a timeframe, from 12 months to three years. Finally, you will see a variety of templates: some allow you to fit more pictures, some – more text. Choose a suitable one, based on your preference and purpose.

Get creative with your design

The exciting part starts here: use all your creativity and design a perfect calendar for yourself or your family member. Choose the template, add your photos and adjust them by cropping and moving to create a harmonious composition. Take advantage of various design options for the background: pick a color, a gradient or an image from an extensive gallery. Don’t overlook a huge palette of photo frames, which would perfectly suit whichever background you have chosen.

Don’t forget important dates

When you are satisfied with your design, go to “Customize holidays” and fill it out with all the important dates. You can choose the official holidays of your country and add personalized dates, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries for a personal calendar or important business meetings and deadlines for a business calendar. You can also create “all in one” with this easy calendar maker, by using different color tags for business and personal dates. If you are bilingual, add a second language to your calendar by ticking the checkbox and choose a second language from a comprehensive variety.

Here is a small tip: if you are Photoshop guru, you can export your work into the program and make some adjustments if needed.

Last touches

Lastly display holiday names by ticking the checkbox and you’re all set! The program allows you to print in any sizes, from pocket size to A2.

This calendar making software will give you a unique opportunity to create something special and individual for any occasion. Regardless, if it’s going on the fridge or to your office, your calendar will look professional and original. There’s no need to be a computer geek, even a beginner will master this program in no time. If you are ready to be inspired, get the Photo Calendar Creator and let your creative juices flowing!

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