Are you having trouble following the recipes for making your cooking perfect? Then here is The Real Cookbook, the first and only cookbook that you can actually read, cook and eat. Yes, it’s true. A German based design company has created this innovative cookbook which is made up of 100% fresh pasta, classic lasagna filled with ingredients that can finally be cooked.

The benefit of this cookbook is, you can first read the inscribed fresh pasta page as a guide. The cover and pages are made up of sheets of pasta with words on them that can be read clearly. After you learn every steps required for making your dish special, you can then cook the cookbook. Finally, the delicious item you have just cooked is ready infront of you. So, enjoy!

“The prose etched on the four inner pages of pasta toys with the idea of how important the contents of a cookery book can be,” says Antje Hedde, head of the design firm.

Below are some awesome images of the cookbook which are ready to be cooked. Won’t you give it a try?







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