Elementor will celebrate 5 years of revolutionizing web creation at #webcreator2021, which will include keynote speakers and audience questions

This week marks five years since the inception of Elementor, the leading open source website builder platform, and the company is marking this milestone by bringing its community #webcreators2021, a live virtual conference for the entire web creation community, exploring the future of the internet and web creation. Creators, designers, marketers, and digital thinkers alike will converge virtually to learn and discuss some of the hottest topics out there in the web building sphere.  

#webcreators2021 is set to take place on June 16, 2021 at 11 am EST and it will feature respected industry leaders Gary Vaynerchuk, Swan Sit, and Seth Godin. According to Vaynerchuk, “When big changes happen in society, big changes in consumer behavior stick. Covid brought many people different ways to consume information and buy products, and that doesn’t change when we go back to life post-covid — I am excited to talk more about this during the conference.” 

Vaynerchuk, along with Seth Godin, will be speaking about how to prepare your business for what comes next, as well as skills for independent web creators. Seth Godin elaborates, “This conference is not about directing professional web creators to build advanced features, it’s about enabling them the freedom to dream, to make a difference. Building the future of the internet requires an inclusive culture where individuality and collaboration meet to create possibility.” Swan Sit’s presentation will cover brand secrets that are worth knowing for every web creator. 

The headlining speakers will follow their talks with live Q&A sessions in which audience members will be welcome to ask questions. 

Elementor CEO Yoni Luksenberg elaborates on the platform’s approach to web creation. “We are enabling web creators to realize their full potential,” he says. “Elementor unleashes the infinite creative power of web creators by giving them the tools they need to build professional websites, innovate and stretch their creative limits. Our passionate global community of web creators are highly talented, engaged, and supportive of each other, and this event is for them.”

Founded in 2016 by Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein, Elementor empowers users to create powerful, beautiful websites on its open-source platform through WordPress. With over 8 million active websites and users in 157 countries, the Elementor community continues to flourish. Developers, designers, web creators, and marketers have made Elementor their platform of choice, and almost 5% of all websites are now built using Elementor.

This week’s conference is not to be missed for those who love all things internet. 

Learn about #webcreators2021 and register here

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Elementor is the leading website builder platform on WordPress. Serving over 8 million websites, Elementor’s code-free, open source platform empowers web professionals including web developers, designers, and marketers in 157 countries. Elementor enables web professionals and agencies to unleash their creative and business potential. For more information visit www.elementor.com.

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