Today, the world is driven by technological advancement. From smart-phones to monorails, the world is progressing more into a more convenient and technology-clad future. For numerous business efficiency and speed is the key to success. There are incredible conveniences that now help individuals with their everyday lifestyle. However, many still claim the world of law to be far behind as many lawyers still use the old way of collecting paperwork and large files to document their clients’ cases. And as harmless as it seems, these traditional practices in law will do more harm to the reputation of a legal firm than good. Mainly because clients these days look for lawyers who can whip up their information in seconds rather than coursing through a mountain of paperwork.

Whether you are a lawyer for five years or an owner of a legal firm, you need to know about the different technologies that can bring convenience and speed to your workload.

In addition to that, there is multiple software that can also serve the purpose of improving your practice of law. Some of the recommendations are described as follows:


Clio is a law practice management software that offers aspiring individuals or lawyers a way to quickly run down important law practices. According to, not only will these tech tools help you save time and effort, but also money. It also enables easy management of multiple clients, cases, bills, documents, time tracking, accounting, and reporting.

Unlike other management software, Clio helps lawyers to easily have everything in one place. This means automatically integrating favorite apps such as Xero, Dropbox, Notes and more.


Evernote is another management tool that lets you manage all of your team’s work simultaneously. It also helps to organize audio recordings, attachments, files, and notes in one place without being too messy or cluttered. So that you can access any bit of information within seconds. You can even have the accessibility to keep a track of everything through any device.

Tiny Scanner

Don’t have a scanner? No problem. This nifty application lets your phone become your new portable scanner by capturing images of important files and converting them into clean, scanned copies. These copies are then saved as PDFs or images on your phone or Dropbox.

Being a lawyer is not easy, especially if you have to scan a bunch of files and documents within a short period. Tiny Scanner reduces this stress by taking quick and easy scanned copies of your documents within seconds. It even allows a quick sharing option so you can quickly send the files to your colleagues, boss or even the judge.


When it comes to keeping every important document and file in one place, Dropbox is your new best friend. Dropbox is a file storing and sharing solution that numerous organizations and IT techs trust. It is powered by a cloud-based software that allows easy backup, restore, automatic file save and collaboration to individuals within seconds.

Dropbox is also best for offering unlimited storage space that is secured from hackers and data loss. So you do not have to worry about your files and sensitive documents as long as they are in this app.


Ever wondered how you can get the signature of different people in a few minutes? Especially if they all live hours away? Well, now you do not need to worry as HelloSign is an advanced tool that lets individuals collect signatures on any document within minutes. Whether you need to request one or 20 signatures, HelloSign lets multiple people sign simultaneously within minutes and have these signatures delivered in your inbox. The best part is that all of the signatures will be automatically added to the preferred document so all you need to worry about is printing it out or sharing it online.


Checking out different cases in one go is very hard, especially if these cases or references have been recorded in multiple locations. CaseText allows your legal research to get easy and quick through its very advanced search engine. This search engine is combined with the latest artificial intelligence called CARA A.I.

CaseText works when you enter a phrase or case title in the search bar. Then, the engine traces this phrase in millions of case files and delivers the correct list of references and documents to you within seconds.

The tools listed above are only the beginning of technological advancement in the law sector. Not only do these technological tools help to bring speed in your legal firm, but they also help to make the workflow more productive, time-saving and easy.

If you are a law firm or a lawyer that is looking to reach success, then the first step is to accept technological advances. Whether anyone is on your side in a case or not, technology will always be there for you. It will help to give the correct resources and roadmap that you need.

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