Can you recall the first casino that you ever visited in Norway? Is it similar to what we have today or there are some changes? We live in a changing world and the casino space is not an exception. These changes range from the type of games played to the casino architecture.

But why has the casino design evolved? We linked up with Alexandra Nereng, whose profile you can view here, an established gamer who shared the following insights with us:

Is the design a big concern?

From the early years, it has been a belief that the design of the casino from the floor to other parts of the interior plays a critical role.

The design influences players to either play more or spend less. That’s why everyone coming up with a casino hall has to put all the relevant resources to come up with a beautiful and attractive design. While it was challenging to find a physical casino in the earlier years, today, there are many casinos in estates.

Reason for change in design

Land-based casinos are designed almost the same but unique to give the players an incredible experience. Competition is also high, giving them a better chance to market themselves through interior and exterior design. However, with frequent technological changes, many things keep changing. Read on to find out more.

The evolution of the casino design

The evolution of the casino designs was not by accident. There was a man behind the original design that is today’s current design. Bill Friedman is the legend who came up with suitable designs for various establishments aiming at making profits.

His design’s key elements included low ceilings, little decor behind the table, and the machines. At the time of the design’s invention, gamblers had every reason to get back to the casinos.

They could spend everything on gaming. However, gamers had not known the recipe behind their love for casino gaming. Modern Norwegian bookmakere have also adopted some of the features designed by this great man.

Features of Bill Friedman design

No clocks nor windows

Bill knew that if people played with the time in mind, they wouldn’t stay long in the casino halls nor spend much. That would mean huge losses to the casino business. To maximize on time, Bill Friedman, through his design, eliminated clocks and windows from the casinos.

Without a clock and window, players would only realize that it was time to leave after they spent all they had. The theory was based on attracting the casino players into the casinos and keeping them there to get the best returns. The principle also worked for many players because it allowed them to play without time in mind.

 A distrustful way to the restroom

To keep the players within the casino room, Friedman ensured there were gaming machines on the way to the restrooms. As a result, players would be distracted and even try new games before they landed in the restroom. 

Narrow walkways

The idea behind this is to make the gaming space intimate. A gamer would always be surrounded by gaming machines and be tempted to try them out.

What has changed?

The above highlights show you some of the outstanding aspects of Bill Friedman’s design. However, people have changed their demands to casino resorts where other amenities are accessible. The evolution has seen the ancient casinos redesign. Those that resisted the change are losing their customers.

No one wants to feel like they are under a bait that is tricking them into gambling. Some also believe that gambling deserves a luxurious environment. However, the rise of David Krane’s design, dubbed as” Playground layout,” led to many changes.

The new casino design has paved a pathway for a new mindset among the players despite Bill Friedman’s principles. Besides, the casinos that have adopted the playground layout make profits considering the players’ demand for such designed casinos.

Despite casino providers’ efforts to come up with better casino designs to meet the players’ demands, the aim remains at making a profit and making gambling better for the players. Many changes will still come. Surprisingly, the new ones will overtake the current ones. The casino gaming provider must prepare for them because changes are inevitable.

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