Your business card is one of the first promotion material that you will give away when meeting people. It’s certainly the ultimate networking tool and it can make a tremendous difference if you can attract people’s attention by having a very cool business card. As a graphic designer, there is no better way to prove your worth than having great designs for yourself. Following you’ll find a round-up of inspiring UPrinting business cards.

1. TAM Cargo

The shippable business card, it folds into a small box.

Via Ads of the World

2. AVSD01

A minimalist typographic card, comes in many colors.

Via AVSD01

3. Akufen

A quite playful card that reveals the important information once the card is inserted.

Via For Print Only

4. Company London

A typographic card, very simple, that puts a strong emphasis on the phone number.


5. Franco Caligiuri

The best use of a two-sided business card I’ve ever seen. Each side promotes the financial services of Franco Caligiuri in another way.

Via ReThink Canada

6. Ilpiac

A multifunctional business card, at least if your client doesn’t like the card or doesn’t plan to contact you, he still gets a cool coaster.

Via Ilpiac

7. Adam Mann

Simple card, love the logo and the paper used.

Via Adam Mann

8. Tom, Dick & Harry

Another typographic card with a visible grid, cool.

Via Mike McQuade

9. Optimum photography

A little aperture in this cool two-sided card.

Via CardObserver

10. Sassen Design

A card that gets out of the frame, great use of a stamp.

Via Sassen Design

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