Depending upon your WordPress Theme pick, you could either create an aesthetically pleasant and revenue generating website or online store. Or end up with one that barely stands apart from the others.

Thus, you need to be forward looking when selecting the WordPress theme you will be using. Pick one capable of giving your site in-built flexibility and maintainability. If not, your website will “age” prematurely which will give you headaches down the road.

There are 20,000+ free and premium WordPress themes ready to be downloaded with new ones appearing by the time you read this.

How can you know which is the best for your project?

We’ll make it easy for you.

This review shrinks the no. of options to 10+ excellent WordPress themes for 2024. All the themes below are excellent in at least one aspect. Here they are:

What defines “excellent”? A broad-brush approach would be:

Their design is modern & fresh. They come with their own built-in “instinctive” page builders or use market leading page builder solutions.

Summing up, here are handful of things that you must look for in a theme:

User-friendliness: You might want to take the common path of choosing a WordPress theme that has flashy prebuilt websites or demos. If you do, be mindful of how long it takes you to make minor adjustments to the design. Are you spending more than 60 seconds? Ditch the theme. There are better options out there. Trust us.

Page builder options: Starting with Guttenberg and going all the way to Elementor, every page builder, has its supporters and fans. If there is something that you must not compromise on is how intuitive the page builder that the theme uses is. If it’s not, look elsewhere.

Customizability: If there is something that you should be afraid of – it is ending up with an “average” website. The antidote for that? Pick a WordPress theme for 2024 with solid customizability options.

Design quality: Before you buy or install a theme it is important you take an in-depth look at the designs it comes with. If you see or intuitively feel any sign of outdated design, move to the next WordPress theme on your list.

Android and iOS editing: This should be a no-brainer, but there are still WordPress Themes out there that do not have fully responsive designs. If they don’t, then make sure they have a page builder that allows you to edit and make the design look great on mobile too.

Speed: Clients don’t have the budgets that they used to 5 years ago. So, you need to complete websites faster. For that you need WordPress theme and page builders that compare to a Ferrari, not a Fiat.

Support: Everyone needs help at some point, even the most accomplished designers. Excellent and prompt support is not a myth. It exists if you look hard enough for it; as we did, when we made this WordPress Themes selection.

1.  UiCore Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Theme

Presenting UiCore PRO, a specialized WordPress theme meticulously curated for agencies seeking a comprehensive transformation in their online representation across multiple websites via an encompassing yearly subscription.

UiCore PRO shines in the world of WordPress themes, uniquely designed to cater to agency requirements, enhancing web design functionality and simplifying operational processes.

The Online Software template epitomizes elegance, offering refined design choices, innovative content structures, and immersive special effects, delivering an unrivaled user experience. Empowered by a seamless backend interface, users navigate customization effortlessly, free from lag or errors, placing UiCore PRO strides ahead of its competitors.

Agencies favor UiCore PRO for a multitude of reasons:

  • Next-Gen Theme Options: Unlock futuristic theme options to mold your website to perfection effortlessly.
  • Premium Customer Support: Access dedicated client service, tailored to agency needs, guaranteeing timely and effective assistance.
  • Huge Design Collection: Explore a vast library of designs for diverse and tailored website creation.

Unveil the prowess of UiCore PRO – a fusion of limitless website creation and unprecedented innovation. Empower your agency’s digital journey today.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer Highlight: “Awesome design. Really impressed with this theme and it’s really unique. Good work and highly recommended.”

2.  BeTheme – The Biggest WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

BeTheme is an excellent option for designers who want to work with one theme only for all their clients’ projects.

BeTheme is a WordPress theme, page builder, and website manager rolled into one. If you’ve been in the market for a powerhouse theme that will enable you to come up with original and impressive sites for yourself or your clients, look no further.

One of BeTheme’s key features is its 700+ pre-built websites. New ones are released every month, so you can always find a modern and tasteful design like that of BeTheme’s Store2 to play with.

BeBuilder, BeTheme’s own page builder is another exemplary feature. It is stable, fast, user-friendly, and you can edit any part of your site, including WooCommerce content, with it.

Here are three good reasons to give BeTheme a try:

  • Time savings. BeTheme’s pre-built websites are genuine time savers in that they are complete websites and not merely templates.
  • Ease of use. It’s not necessary to learn how to write CSS or spend time installing numerous of plugins to incorporate sophisticated functionality in a BeTheme site.
  • Support. If you run into trouble, BeTheme’s technical support is always there to assist.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.83 / 5

Customer Highlight: It is my fifth license, and I am very happy! I would give six stars if I could … from the many things I love are the fact that you can build your own templates such as single product template for WooCommerce. There is no need for long CSS in the style.CSS … you can set everything with the BeBuilder. Amazing!” 

3.   Avada – The Ultimate Creative Theme

Avada is an ideal choice for web developers and designers looking for a feature-rich, all-in-one website building solution known for its flexibility.

Avada isn’t just one of many WordPress themes. With Avada you get a complete website-building solution. Avada comes with 83 sparkling pre-built websites and 120+ design elements, but what sets it apart is the live visual builder that makes it a best-in-class option for 2024.

Take Avada’s Life Style Coach pre-built website for example. Its smooth navigation properties make it an ideal template for creating a website if you are in a rush.

Other qualities that have made Avada a fan favorite include:

  • Flexibility. If you can envisage it, you can design it.
  • Feature-packed. There is no need to install numerous of plugins. Avada has the features you need to get the job done.
  • Fast support. If you need help or you have a question, Avada’s support is there for you.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.78 / 5

Customer Highlight: I have been working with the Avada theme for over 8 years now and I love it. The support department is fantastic, you will always receive a clear and helpful answer within a few hours. I also like to watch the (almost 300 videos) on their YouTube channel, They also help me learn new things step by step. A keeper for me.” 

4.  Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode is best for agencies and professional designers.

Uncode is a theme with many qualities and it comes with 100+ designs, 80+ modules for content and 500+ section wireframes that are pre-created for you.

If you saw a cool website online and want to build something similar, Uncode will not disappoint you, as it has everything you need.

Take for example the Portfolio for Freelancers demo which is a splendid example of what you can do with Uncode. This inspirational creative-themed template with a stunning home page and design elements that show the meticulousness of a master designer makes Uncode one of the best WordPress themes.

Other excellent reasons for giving Uncode a try include:

  • Personalization. You can fine-tune any Uncode website to any level you want; including the ability to go exceedingly deep when editing.
  • Coding. Uncode code is clean code. Slow performance and bugs won’t be an issue with your websites.
  • Support. The support team promptly responds to requests and issues.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.89 / 5

Customer Highlight: This is the perfect purchase in my 10 years of experience as a web designer. Already have 3 licenses and will buy more.

5.  Blocksy – The Most Innovative Free WordPress Theme

Blocksy is by far the best free WordPress theme on the market in 2024 for building lightweight, attractive websites.

Blocksy is a freemium WordPress theme. Don’t let zero cost fool you into thinking you’re getting nothing for nothing. The exact opposite is true. Blocksy is not only lightning fast to use, but websites you design with it will be lightning fast as well. That’s a big deal since performance plays a critical role in SEO these days.

Blocksy-built websites feature outstanding aesthetics. An example of this is the Home Decor site with its attractive easy navigability and modern layout.

Anyone editing these starter sites can’t help but fall in love with Blocksy. This awesome WordPress theme works with the best page builders — WordPress’s Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Elementor and Brizy.

Still more reasons why you’ll enjoy using Blocksy include:

  • It’s free (Worth repeating). While the free version of Blocksy is loaded with site-building features, you have the choice to upgrade to premium for even greater power and flexibility.
  • Easy to use. You won’t need a thick user’s manual to figure out how to edit this theme. A few pages at most will do.
  • Helpful support. Clients report fast response times and genuinely helpful advice.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 5 / 5

Customer Highlight: I am very happy that I chose Blocksy. I am migrating the shop from a popular builder to run only under Blocksy. This is going in the right direction; the site is becoming extremely light and fast. I look forward to the day when I remove the builder from the site/shop. I got very fast and great support, solving my problems from A to Z. The full version is worth using. I very recommend Blocksy!” 

6.   Litho Multipurpose Elementor Premium WordPress Theme

Litho is a excellent WordPress theme for beginners and PROs alike who need a solid theme with matching support.

Litho is an excellent option for 2024 for a variety of reasons. The level of customer support offered to it client is one of them.

Only a skilled and creative team can create an excellent theme. Litho adds best in class support on top of it. This WordPress themes’ support lives by these values: they will answer quick and be friendly no matter how stupid you think your question might be.

With Litho’s support having you back, you will feel comfortable to experiment with the theme in any ways you can think of. Whether you need a website for a home architecture design agency or another specialized business, someone will be there to assist you when you need it.

Other reasons why Litho is an excellent choice:

  • Versatility. There are not only hundreds of templates available, but there are also loads of customization options as well that make it possible to design anything you want.
  • Template quality. Litho’s collection of premade designs are attractive and inspirational.
  • Elementor integration. Elementor is one of the most popular and user-friendly WordPress page builders for a reason. It guarantees easy editing in Litho.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.94 / 5

Customer Highlight: “I’ve been working with the Litho WordPress theme by ThemeZaa for many years now on several client websites. Their theme templates have a modern and spacious design aesthetic whilst integrating perfectly with Elementor and are therefore fully customizable. Perfect for my requirements. And if I need any help, their tech support is first-class and always prompt in getting back to me with assistance. Thank you ThemeZaa!”

7.   Rey – WordPress & WooCommerce Theme  

Rey is an excellent WordPress theme for creating high-converting, full-featured ecommerce websites.

Rey is a modern and stylish option to WooCommerce’s collection of themes. It’s also a great alternative if you are tired of having to outfit stunning WordPress themes with all the ecommerce features and functionality they’re missing.

Take a glance at the Tokyo demo and you’ll see how cool these ecommerce sites are. With the knock-your-socks-off product pages and designs rivalling those of luxury brands, websites built with Rey impress and engage visitors and do an excellent job of converting them to customers.

Rey is flawlessly compatible with Elementor. And if you used Elementor even just for one project, you’ll have a good idea as to how effortless the editing process for any of Rey demos will be.

Other excellent reasons for making Rey your theme of choice:

  • Customization. If you find out about the feature or layout you like on another ecommerce site, you should have no problem recreating it with Rey.
  • eCommerce functionality. With Rey there is no need to install a ton of plugins to make the theme work like you want it to.
  • Support. Rey’s support team does a superb job of helping its clients and users with everything from basic questions to complex problems.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.98 / 5

Customer Highlight: “The ONLY theme you should have for e-commerce. Rey is hands down my favorite theme. Flexible, the developers know their stuff and the support is 10/10. Thanks!” 

8.   Total Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme  

Total is the best WordPress theme for web developers and designers who need the flexibility to create from-scratch as well as using time-saving templates.

Total is aptly named. You can build any type of site you want, regardless of your design experience or skillset. You can design from scratch if you want to by using the WPBakery live customizer, or you can begin with a fully editable, professionally designed template.

Check out the Amelia demo and you’ll get a sense for how easily you could launch an attractive online clothing store. Its layout is no frills and to the point.

Visit Total’s website and you’ll see the diversity of themes it offers. Web design possibilities are endless with Total, which is all-important when you’re building websites for multiple clients every year.

There are more reasons why Total is one of the best WordPress themes in 2024:

  • Out of the box. You won’t need to spend hours researching and installing plugins to get the features you are going to need. They are already there.
  • Scalability. With features like dynamic templates, global headers, and more, it’s easy to program your designs for scalability.
  • Well-maintained. The support is world-class, and users genuinely appreciate Total’s regular updates.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.86 / 5

Customer Highlight: I have been using Total for several years now for several (10+) websites. Out of the box it’s already a great theme and very well documented. Some websites required specific functionality and so far, there was nothing I couldn’t provide. If I can’t figure it out myself, support is always willing to help. I don’t need another theme anymore.” 

9.  Impeka Creative WordPress Theme

Impeka is the best WordPress theme for those who would rather spend their time designing and creating content instead of trying to master the theme itself.

Impeka has an abundance of things going for it. But one thing can’t be denied, and that is how easy this creative theme is to use.

Ease of use is not something you will always find in a multipurpose WordPress theme. Yet, Impeka’s developers found a way to create a feature-packed and completely customizable theme without putting users to the test in order to be able to understand and use it.

In addition to having created an easy-to-use theme, the theme’s developers deserve special attention for the great support they give their customers.

Impeka is updated often and pre-built sites like Impeka’s new Fitness demo are released monthly. In addition, the comprehensive support options and instantaneous customer support are worthy of praise.

Other reasons why users love Impeka:

  • Design quality. More than a few users consider Impeka’s demos to be true works of art. Yes, they are that good.
  • Flexibility. There are endless possibilities as to the diverse ways you can use this theme.
  • Documentation. Some documentations are confusing. The opposite is true of Impeka, who truly empowers you to fix any problems that might arise on your own.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.98 / 5

Customer Highlight:The theme is very flexible and there are endless possibilities to how it is used which the incredible support team are happy to help navigate. I can’t believe how quick and thoroughly responsive the team are. It’s refreshing to get such great support.” 

10.  XStore – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme

XStore is the best WooCommerce theme for web designers and agencies who are looking to create high-conversion online stores.

XStore is the right choice for you if you’re in the market for a WooCommerce theme you can use for virtually any type of online store. With more than 130 pre-built websites and Coming Soon pages you’ll have no problem at all getting a store up and running quickly.

The Industrial Power Tools pre-built website provides a good example of what you will find when you go through XStore 130+ prebuilt website.

Xstore has specific features that will help your client create an online store with the right conversion mechanisms in place. Swatches for product variations, countdowns for shopping carts, counters for live viewing, or bars that show the progress until you get free shipping for your order and many others come for free with the theme.

Other Xstore highlights:

  • Design quality. XStore’s attractive templates are designed to support a great shopping experience.
  • Customization. You have no limit to what you can modify.This includes: header, footer, payment currency, language and almost all you can think of.
  • Speed. Users rave about loading speeds. Page remain good after theme updates too.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.87 / 5

Customer Highlight: Performance-wise, XStore is a beast! My website loads quickly and runs smoothly, even with all the added plugins and features I’ve added. This is crucial for keeping visitors engaged and improving SEO rankings. Customer support deserves a special mention too.” 

11. WoodMart WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart is simply the best WooCommerce theme out there for creating niche ecommerce designs.

The WoodMart WooCommerce theme is an excellent choice if you want to build a niche ecommerce website that will stand apart from competitors in every respect.

New pre-built websites are released monthly, and each new release seems to be the best one yet. A good example of is the easily navigable Mega Electronics Store with its no-nonsense layout and excellent assortment of customer-centric features.

The demos and the hundreds of templates that come with the theme are unfailingly easy to customize. WoodMart gives you whatever options and settings you may need, from a global level down to each element on the page, to customize your designs just the way you want to.

Should you hit a rough spot, a search feature is built into the settings to help you find the exact setting you need. The theme documentation is also an immense help if you ever feel undecided as to what to do next.

Other benefits to using WoodMart to design your online shop include:

  • Organized. WoodMart is neat, clean, and easy to work with. You will never feel overwhelmed.
  • Design quality. Although you may choose to use a single demo to design your site, there is plenty of inspiration to be found amongst Woodmart’s assortment of demos and templates.
  • Mobile design. Minimal responsive editing is needed. WoodMart’s templates look incredible on mobile right out of the box.

Take a Look at the Theme

Customer avg. grade: 4.93 / 5

Customer Highlight: This is truly a work of art designed and programmed with great effort. Some might think I’m exaggerating, but I can clearly say this. It’s the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest, even in the world. Thanks to everyone involved.”


Have you decided upon which of these WordPress Themes you will be trying this year?

With tens of thousands of WordPress themes just waiting to be checked out, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed when you actually have to try one. Especially if you’re thinking about purchasing it.

The truth is, the best WordPress themes are easy to find if you know what to look for or leave it up to the experts to do so.

These 11 top themes:

  • are user-friendly.
  • are compatible with most popular page builder plugins or offer an intuitive and flexible editing experience of their own.
  • do not place limits on the kinds of websites or shops you can build.
  • feature high quality pre-built websites and demos built with speed in mind/
  • give you the option to edit for Android and iOS.
  • are fast and stable. The same is true with sites designed with them.
  • provide prompt customer support when you need it.

To narrow down your search, all you have to do is to check out this compilation of 11 excellent WordPress themes for 2024.

View the themes, their builders (if they are built in). Be sure to take a good look at the demos, starters sites, or pre-built websites that come with each package. Do all this and you’ll be in an excellent place to get a feel for which WordPress theme will be tailored for your project.

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