A wireframe acts as your visual guide to show you how your web design or mobile app project is going to look like. It showcases the structure of your design without using any graphics or text. In another word, wireframes can be thought as screen blueprints.

Wireframe, as the name suggests, is a framework made with wires, which define basic layout and placement of content and page elements such as navigation, header, footer etc. It’s a great way to start your design work. It addresses the overall information architecture of the site or app to be built such as how a visitor will navigate around the site from a page to another, how large amounts of site data will be interlinked and many more. It can be a big time saver as it helps both the developers and clients come to an agreement on the placement of major elements such as content areas, navigation menus, headers and footers. Once you have the wireframe ready and approved by your client, there won’t be major changes in your detailed design and hence you can design it freely and blissfully.

For helping you to choose best wireframe, here I have collected 10 awesome free UI and wireframe kits. Choose the one that satisfies your requirement and speed up your design work with it.

1. Free Photoshop Wireframe Kit


2. UI Kit


3. UI Kit


4. Free responsive wireframes


5. Mobile Wireframe Kit PSD


6. iOS 7 Wireframe Kit


7. Flatastic Mobile UI Kit


8. iPhone App Wireframe


9. WireKit


10. iPhone wireframe UI set



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