Art cannot be confined in a single form. There is art on a simple drawing on a paper, a sculpture on cement, a painting on a canvas, and the plot of a play. Art can come from the simplest to the most complex of objects to reveal beauty and express emotions.

Recycled art surfaces

It will not be new to you if the topic on recycled art surfaces. In fact, this practice has made its way to the commercial market. Eco-friendly businesses have shared their success in making a profit out of their advocacy in helping out the environment.

Have you ever thought of turning used office supplies into cool art works? Well, these people have. Let’s take a look at the amazing products of their creative minds and passionate labor.

1. White Paper

There was no mention of who did it. Whether these came from recycled paper or not, it is amazing how the artist can turn a piece of paper into different eye-catching images. The artworks are actually a mix of cut paper and paper mache, as the creator turned ordinary events into fascinating concepts.

My personal favorite is the skull musing over its human outline on paper. It is both creative and comic. It’s even amusing to see a shadow of the skull’s chair cast behind it. Genius, indeed!

2. Colored Pencils

The idea of forming sculptures from combined sharpened pencils came from the mind of Jennifer Maestre. Her initial idea was to use nails, but it posed a huge risk as those were pointy and dangerous. After picking out colored pencils, she came up with creations that are almost abstract, resembling colorful coral reefs.

3. Post-its

If you feel it’s a waste to throw away a post-it after you have accomplished the task scribbled on it, then you might want to be friends with the creators of our next feature.

These artists took wall posts too literally. Although this is a common practice, it is still amazing how they can form silhouettes of their favorite celebrities, write banners through each post-it, or reinvent wallpapers at home. Post-its were promoted from simple office supplies to wonderful interior designs!

4. Tin Foils

I know you find aluminum foils commonly in the kitchen. But if you bring home-prepared lunch to work or your boss is adept on treating everyone every Friday, then you’re probably used to seeing tin foils lying around your office pantry.

For Dominic Wilcox, tin foils are not just for food—it can also be a form of art to create a replica of his face. Instead of putting the tin foil directly on his face, however, Wilcox used an old plaster mold of his face to hold the foil still.

Take a look around your workspace. Chances are, you will see one or two items that can tickle your imagination. Let your creative juices flow and turn those ordinary office supplies to awesome artworks.

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