Been procrastinating all morning because the creative juice isn’t there? Well… we’ve all been there. Digging, Stumbling or Deliciousing isn’t probably the best way to get ideas flowing back to your brain. My three little tricks to be productive and creative again are all very old fashion, but I am sure they work (at least they do for me).


1. Clean up your working space

Well, I personnally clean up my whole appartement since I work at home, but getting everything tidy around your computer should keep you busy for a little while and clear up that space. Even if you are not an cleaning addict, I think that a tidy desk helps to create something new, take a fresh start.

2. Go jogging

Running is a great way to refresh your brain. I am no scientist, but I’ve been told that it brings oxygen to your brain. The effort will also bring you some kind satisfaction that you can’t neglect. Self-esteem is good for creativity, don’t underestimate that.

3. Drink a beer with your buddies

This is not a good advice if you have a deadline the day after, but it can be a very good way to relax and stop being stuck on something. Sometimes it’s good to just lay back, be happy and wait the next day to work again. Being happy will make you more productive, it will also give you greater enthousiasm. Creativity is not always related with the time you spend on your computer, some people even think that it is the opposite.

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